Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random typing, seven or eight minutes

There were a thousand Arthurs
And I hated every one
If Crazy Horse would zombie up
He'd skin their pasty sons

There were a thousand Arthurs
And each one was a cur
Mel Gibson couldn't dredge enough
Slop to rightly slur
William's scum
Still swarms the land
The Bogside boys
The Sunday band

Lindisfarne can come again, or did you think it was random? Blackhawk told you to stop pushing farther. Rapespawn wretches, loose on the world centuries later. It's all just provisional, right?

No balance. Just harmony. Positive connotations of "balance" are really confusions, mistranslations, of "harmony." Harmony is movement, balance is standing still. Harmony can be balanced and balance can be harmonious but balance can also be the orderly stagnation of death. When people say "balance" they are usually trying to imply that something awful is okay because it is halfway between two illusory points. Seek harmony, not balance.

The American Civil War was fought to perpetuate slavery. Honest slavery would have fallen. Exposed slavery would have fallen. Clever slavery was necessary to put starving nine-year-olds to work in factories; to impoverish the bulk of the population while making them feel it was their fault because they were free. The smarter slavemasters won the Civil War against the dumber slavemasters so they could build industrialism and the total warfare state. Slaves were rebelling and had taken back Haiti before they were crushed by the industrial north. The system would have broken down, so while stupid plantation owners tried to pretend the ship wasn't leaking, Abraham Lincoln and the rest of the viles fixed it.

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