Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Planes and Angles

Are you a white, wealthy, well-known cultural critic, who travels around the world on commercial airliners, burning jet fuel en route to expensive resorts where you give celebrated talks to other influential people?

Do you take taxis or rental cars to the resorts, then sip wine and cheese with prominent international academics in the convention center, discussing how ugly, stupid, and vacuous normal people are?

Have you spent decades drawing a salary from the government? Did major corporations promulgate your viewpoints? Did this all provide you with sizable investments that allow you to live comfortably in exotic retirement locales, where you have the free time to contemplate how ugly and idiotic other people are for having to work?

(Morris Berman fail. :D)


  1. I'm not saying I can excuse the douchebaggery, but it is amazing how easy it is to lose all sense of perspective. It wasn't too long ago when I was in a situation where I'd get furious at people for assuming I can afford to spend $20 bucks - a major expenditure drastically damaging the weekly grocery budget. And yet, here I am now, thinking "life is not so bad, after all". What a difference 'a few' tens of thousands $ annually make...

    1. As soon as Canadians and Americans get enough money to become expats or "retired" cultural commentators, they seem to become the most scathing critics of all--being that what they are criticizing is, in essence, their own life histories.

    2. That would be acceptable if they were honest about it - i.e. if they actually included themselves in the loathing. But nooo, the criticism only really ever applies to the unwashed masses who do not see how horrible it is, and yet, regretabbly, our noble protagonists are forced to share the planet with them.

      Confounding class advantage with personal virtue has always been one of the most despicable habits of humans.

  2. neil postman is prolly rolling over in his grave ...

  3. He's probably also vindicated that he predicted crap like this. Giving out an award with his name on it, at a conference for well-heeled academics, is exactly the kind of stuff he criticized. Awarding Berman a Postman award is like awarding Obama an Orwell award...or a peace prize, but hey, when in Rome.

  4. And it is hard to believe he got any award to begin with - homie is a pretty bad writer and thinker...