Friday, July 12, 2013


Just a little clarification. When concern is expressed about "GMO," it's not being done because people are, somehow, afraid of eating genes (!). It is not problematic (in the short term) because something is bigger, brighter, rounder, or redder. People worried about GMO are not, primarily, worried about the genetic altering itself.

The worry is about the poison. Yes, poison. Some of, if not all of, the biggest modifications to crops' genes are made to allow the crops to withstand various poisons, or higher dosages of poisons. Think pesticides; think ripening agents. Roundup, daminozide, rat poison, weed killer, et cetera.

As part of the interactive system of Earth, plants tell us they are not safe to eat when they have been poisoned. They tell us this by dying. If you travel to a new land, and find the plants and wildlife there dying, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Antilife seeks control; isolation; classification. It infuriates antilife that ecosystems work together. Antilife likes singularities, namely, points of no return. Antilife is obsessed with death, bright-line endings and beginnings, "black holes," and speciation. It is an affront to singularities of all kinds that plants are not merely plants, but part of a larger ecosystem and verse. Insects eat plants, and in doing so, fertilize and nourish the ecosystem as a whole, keeping it eternally productive. Worms, bacteria, roots, dirt, minerals, photosynthesis, right?

When we attempt to isolate plants from the ecosystem, we try to poison everything else. We dump Roundup (or its many and varied predecessors) on the plants, destroying everything but the plant and the soil, then using artificial fertilizers to frankenstein the sterile creature back to life.

The plants, retaining a bit of their spirit, still die when exposed to too many pesticides. Despite being propped up by the best fertility doctors the industrial growers can buy, the plants die if you go too far. It has been greatly vexing, to the deathlords, how the plants have refused to live, and produce produce, when poisoned so fully as to drive all of the insects away.

Ergo genetic modification. By modifying the integrative coding of certain plants, they can be wedded to poison. Instead of plants designed for consumption by Earthly creatures, GMO plants are designed to kill Earthly creatures. The changes in their genes allow them to be drenched in toxins from seed to stomach. When you eat GMOs, you're not primarily hurting yourself because of the plants' genes--you're hurting yourself because you are drinking the stuff they sell in the garden aisle.

Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, frogs and children born with three arms, yada yada.

Go on eating them, though. I am. Life is stronger, and life has already won this battle. We will evolve to eat the poisons, until they are no longer poisons to our offspring. It may take hundreds of years of suffering and death, but the tumors we give ourselves now will help tomorrow's dreamers process the ruins of our civilization.

Our terror at hearing our diagnoses will be their casual replacement of OJ with hexane. It is brave and noble of us to do this--to sacrifice our own bodies for the future. We will lose our memories; we will mess ourselves and be unable to reach the call-string for the nurse; we will feel intense pain growing in our livers and realize that we need an increased dosage of pain medication, but have it suggested to us that we take another week, see how it feels, and then come in for another consultation. Ask someone to help you get the chair out to the car. We will take the medication, and realize it keeps us so sleepy and high that we're not able to recognize family and friends anymore. We will suffer through the last years of life trying to balance the merits of enduring excruciating pain for twelve hours in exchange for a few minutes of coherent conversation with someone we think we used to love.

Is she joking? No, no. It may not strictly be "brave" or "noble" in the conscious sense. But it is our part. They can't insulate the "organic" stuff, anyway. Once those chemicals were designed en masse, Roundup added itself to the world's water supply. It is in the good food as well as the bad. They have already made the attack, and we have already made the sacrifice. Eat on, my brave soldiers of sorrow.

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