Thursday, August 8, 2013

Extra Rape Culture?

In response to Come Together 6, Mr. Sniffian writes:
Maybe the negative attitudes toward gays and lesbians has to do with being hit on by a same-sex person when you're not sexually attracted to same-sex people. Cf feminists and their whinging about rape culture.

There's a valid argument there about whether the prevalence of male-on-male rape in prisons has created a rape culture where men are to be excused for anti-homosexual bigotry. Many neo-feminists are avowed misandrists, and they argue that their hatred is justified because of a "patriarchy" and "rape culture."

Live by the sword. Does that logic apply to men and homosexuality, too? Given the rate of incarceration in America, the extremely disproportional representation of men in prisons, and the massive imperial BSDM gulags that cover the planet, are men justified in hating some theoretical "homoarchy"?

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