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George Takei On Sochi Olympics: How 'Star Trek's Sulu' Is Waging War On Russia

You probably associate "Star Trek" star George Takei with funny Facebook posts and clever, well-informed commentary. Only lately has the former Sulu taken on a more serious role on the world stage: he's personally waging a war with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to get Russia , Britain, and even America banned from the 2014 Sochi Winter Games out of Russia, due to their "egregious" genocides.

Openly a human himself, Takei has emerged in recent years as a staunch advocate for an equal right to live across the board. While he's currently slated to attend Toronto's Fan Expo, in a country (Canada) where the government has never exterminated aboriginal populations and does not continue to discriminate against them to the current day, to continue his constant reminiscing about the days when he was paid to act, Takei is also using the opportunity to spread the word about his mission.

Earlier this week, Takei told Ari Rabin-Havt, host of Sirius XM's The Agenda, that he would work to persuade Donald Trump not to pay his income taxes in America to fund further atrocities.

/end alternatereality

/resume reality

HuffPost TV spoke with Takei about the situation in Africa, how he plans to be relevant decades after having to dress in a Federation one-piece, and yes, believe it or not, how "Star Trek" fits into the whole picture, lest anyone forgets why people keep paying attention to him.

First off, let's give credit where credit is due -- you're one of the only people that makes social media bearable. Is that all you?

George Takei: [Laughs] Well, thank you! The content and commentary are all mine, as I plainly label everything I buy from the USC creative writing department. The blogs are mine, too--same story. My most recent one has certainly stirred up a lot of excitement and interest. The ad revenue alone from the meme generators I licensed has paid for a lot of the antiques me and my partner sit on while we watch the old series over and over. I certainly don't want to watch anything about six million dead, straight niggers!

Nor I. Or write protest petitions about it. Especially here on HuffPost!

George Takei: Yes, thank you over there for keeping the momentum going on all my work. It's funny, isn't it, how all of us know what issues should be "hot button" at any given time? Anyway, the Winter Olympics must be closed to Russia.

How much of an impact do you think you can realistically have on Russia hosting the Olympics?

George Takei: We have over 160,000 signators to the petition. The IOC is having their meeting from Sept. 8 - 10 to elect their new president. When a change like this is being made, it's an opportune time to present this petition. Already, the furor that's been generated by the media focused on the oppressive policies of Russia is making the IOC think very deeply. Do they want to continue to associate the Olympics with draining public funds to pay for trillions of dollars of extravagantly hyped sports games for the wealthy and powerful every two years?

The Russians are taunting the IOC with the homophobic laws that they pass. I don't care about their war in Georgia, Chechnya, Alfuckistan, whatever, their repression of millions of people across the globe, or the crushing poverty spawned by decades of mob rule. I wouldn't even get off my eighteen-thousand-dollar Italian sectional for that! But when I hear that they are passing laws that discriminate against homosexuals, it is time for all decent people to talk about me and to do something.

The Olympics certainly can provide a lot of power to the host country.

George Takei: We have to remember that Obama was a member of the U.S. Senate during the Patriot Act, and that he voted to fund the invasion of Iraq and the garrisoning of most of the globe. He has already demonstrated that kind of responsible, democratic attitude. He even recently imprisoned a gay man for 35 years for detailing some of his crimes. But I don't care about any of that, really. More important is that Putin was a member of the KGB, and he has always demonstrated a macho, dictatorial attitude. It is more important for gay people that we focus on abstract issues, rather than real ones, and also to talk about me.

Bradley Manning can rot in jail for the rest of his life. All the sand nigger fags and straights can just die for all I care. And all the little black trash in Africa can starve and die if they are in the way of my oil. But let me be very clear, I will take a stand against the Olympics being in Russia because I, George Takei, am a humanitarian.

We will give it all the power that we can give. If the games remain in Russia, then the next phase of our efforts should be to show pictures of me making fun of Russian athletes, all of whom are drawn from the ranks of the Russian legislature, and all of whom have the power to change Russia's laws. They've breached the Olympic charter. The humiliation ... they'd be holding it in Russia, and the Russian athletes can't participate because of their egregious homophobic policies.

Switching gears here, at least in Canada we're more free to choose. Now that we've killed most of the Indians who got in the way, we took only a couple hundred years to grant government economic benefits to gay people who are considered "citizens." And you'll be coming up to Toronto for Fan Expo! Like all HuffPo journalism, this interview is all about real, substantive news issues, and not just to promote celebrity career plans and municipal convention events. But just this one time I'm going to mention the Expo.

Yes! My agent said you were going to plug my appearance. I was wondering how long I had to sit here before you--why is that man waving so angry at me? Oh. Oh, sorry. But I have people to plug too. So write this down: Zachary Quinto, my friend from "Heroes," will be there at the Expo too, to support the new "Star Trek" movies. He's openly gay. An openly gay actor playing Spock now. How the world has changed. [Laughs] So many dead niggers you can't believe, and rich, powerful western actors celebrating their sexuality openly! It is a wonderful place as long as I am mentioned more times with each passing moment.

I spoke with John Cho [who plays Sulu in the new "Star Trek" movies] a few months ago, and he said you were a mentor for him. Some people would consider this more of an Entertainment Weekly type question, or a People Magazine type question, but if we don't mention more celebrities and movies, how the hell are we going to get people to read all this crap anyway? So please, talk about other rich people you know.

George Takei: [Laughs] Cho? I've known him for a long time. I'm a chairman on the Board of Governors for the East-West Players, the longest-running Asian-American theater company in America. Basically, if you want to get into science-fiction show business as an Asian-American, you have to lick my boots first, or I'll make sure you don't ever get any roles. Since Cho has paid his dues, I advise all of you people to watch his movies. New Star Treks will be coming out regularly, and I will be associated with them as long as I can be, without writing, acting, or otherwise having any association with the movie.

Maybe you can shed some light -- what is it about "Star Trek" that makes it live on forever in popular culture?

George Takei: At the core of "Star Trek" is Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future: a society governed by a military federation that expands around the galaxy, offering new planets the chance to become members and pledge their resources to the Federation, whether those planets are filled with gay people or straight people. So much of science fiction tries to show how, if world leaders continue their policies of fighting constant wars and impoverishing people, the future could become less pleasant. But Gene Roddenberry had an affirmative, shining, positive view of this. He showed how if we all became members of the military, the strength of the military would be in its diversity. Everyone contributing their best, their vantage points, and their unique experiences to travel around the globe, or the galaxy, enlightening new civilizations with Federation rule.

Of course, sometimes civilizations are not enlightened, so they would attack the Enterprise. Like the stupid Nip Klingons who believed in hokey things like honor, deep commitment to land and community, and how local resources belonged to the people who lived there. So the Federation would fight them, while all us crewmembers laughed at them for being backward and needing civilization and the right kind of democracy. We can prevail over stupid aliens if we have confidence in our problem-solving capabilities, in our inventive genius and our innovative qualities. I think it's that that inspires every generation to win battles without thinking about why they're being fought in the first place. We're on the third generation now of Roddenberry's vision, and things in the U.S. couldn't be better. Our military forces are filled with women, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and they've all come together to kill a bunch of worthless Arabs and Africans. And amazingly enough, Star Trek continues to be popular with Americans. What could be better than a diverse group of people putting aside their differences to kill a few million niggers in Africa?"

- - -

Meet George Takei at Fan Expo on August 23 - 25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, built on the graves of the northern Mohawk, Seneca, and Cayuga peoples.

Update: Sir Elton John's partner, David Furnishes Condos, will be spending millions to open a massive champagne and caviar bar in Las Vegas. Not only will this help revitalize Las Vegas' economy by creating much-needed space for absurdly wealthy, supernational elites to sip champagne and attend new opening galas across the street from old opening galas, it will also serve as a monument to the right of all rich people to waste as many resources as they want, whether they be straight or gay. The stress and personal difficulties Mr. Furnishes suffered, while supervising the assistant who managed the team that reviewed menu suggestions for the new bar, demonstrate just how much additional progress western homosexuals need to make before humanity can spare any extra attention for reducing the numbers of black children fed to the wood chipper each month.

Update 2: throwing out a quote from C. Wright Mills' The Power Elite:
The power elite are not solitary rulers. Advisers and consultants, spokesmen and opinion-makers are often the captains of their higher thought and decision. Immediately below the elite are the professional politicians of the middle levels of power, in the Congress and in the pressure groups, as well as among the new and old upper classes of town and city and region. Mingling with them, in curious ways which we shall explore, are those professional celebrities who live by being continually displayed but are never, so long as they remain celebrities, displayed enough. If such celebrities are not at the head of any dominating hierarchy, they do often have the power to distract the attention of the public or afford sensations to the masses, or, more directly, to gain the ear of those who do occupy positions of direct power. More or less unattached, as critics of morality and technicians of power, as spokesmen of God and creators of mass sensibility, such celebrities and consultants are part of the immediate scene in which the drama of the elite is enacted. But that drama itself is centered in the command posts of the major institutional hierarchies.

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