Monday, August 26, 2013

Stabbing Recalcitrant Workers

(Updated by request :))

Remember the deeply important, yet also expensive, research on torturing rats? Remember how it was justified by a need to understand the circadian rhythm in order to destroy the circadian rhythm? It was all about peace, understanding, torturing rats, and figuring out how worker drones could labor constantly without need for bothersome rest periods that involve sleep, dreams, private residences, families, and socialization outside of work.

One of the AMA's newest designer diseases, SWSD, or "shift work sleep disorder," recently had a new drug approved to treat it. But first, really--"shift work sleep disorder"? Irony was killed in a murder-suicide long before Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize, and its grave was urinated on years before Barack Obama won the same prize. There isn't even anything new and exciting left to look forward to as far as having pieces of the dessicated corpse rubbed in your face. What makes Shift Work Sleep Disorder so intriguing as a cultural phenomenon is that it doesn't even try to blur the line between slavemaster and physician; the official terminology, with prescription-slip-ready acronym, is pre-adapted to the exact reason that the neuroscientists (who do the thinking for the little card-punching line-doctor dumbasses) made up the condition in the first place: work shift maintenance, or keeping a bunch of employee grunts bright enough to answer phones, haul trash, or bayonet-rape prisoners.

(Not just the obviousness of the name pains, but even more, that SWSD's un-critical diagnostic peddlers won't even realize that it's a marketing phenomenon rather than a disease, because they learned how to regurgitate but not analyze.)

And how do we treat SWSD? Nuvigil Oral helps keep slaves awake, although its side effects do include death. Prior to being repackaged as "New Vigil," the stimulant was on the DEA's control & kill list. Because, after all, it kills people, and is a highly addictive stimulant that encourages overdose in addition to stopping hearts and brains.

It's taken you centuries, but you've learned to be suspicious of priests. You've learned to be suspicious of kings. You've learned, even, to be suspicious of other Big Men and Learned Leaders. You even, possibly, are suspicious of "big pharm." One of the next steps is to stop revering the trivial-pursuit-prepped physicians that serve as street dealers, only a phone call away, for every nasty piece of poison big business has concocted in the past century. Even massage therapists, Catholic priests, American lawyers, and un-tenured "communications" instructors at red-state community colleges are permitted to offer "outside the box" advice to the people they're working for; physician conformity, though, is such that your doctor can and will be un-licensed and branded a quack if her local Board finds out that she has been telling her patients to avoid a deadly dangerous drug because it was wrongfully approved by people who have far too much control over her relationship with those who trust her to help fix their bodies.

Sell or be sold.

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