Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunsets, Babies, and Rainbows

Sunsets, Babies, and Rainbows

Although I am no longer ordained, people often cast doubt on what my faith means to me. Christians do not rely simply on "the Bible." We appeal to the best explanation of our observations, such as beautiful sunsets and cute babies, often surmising that the work of angels is involved. Where possible, we check our guesses against the formulas found in the Bible, which have a proven history of thousands of years in bringing people spiritual fulfillment. The formulas in the Bible have been key to our faith from the time of their writing.

Almost everything that happens in the world is part of the will of God. His actions are split roughly 75/25 among Benevolent Assistance and Just Retribution. That fact that we cannot see Him directly yet can be affected by His actions is a victory against darkness.

As for the weaknesses of the Bible, I'd be delighted to hear of any situation in the world that shows it can't be accommodated by the simple, yet complete, advice provided by the Bible.

Let me tell you, when Christ came to Earth, everyone "knew" He was wrong. He was considered a heretic, and in our ignorance and sin, we actually condemned Him! No memo went out telling everyone to change their minds. Everyone had their own pet speculation on paganism, animal-worship, witchery, atheism, and other ways of looking at the world. One by one the Gospel proved itself able to address every problem man had. The words of Christ are very, very compelling, far more than any empire could suppress. I think everyone would really enjoy understanding God's Word, as well as hearing from the countless people whose lives have been saved by it.

Just because God has not been directly observed doesn't mean that careful, patient observation of experimental anomalies and patterns can't nonetheless establish His existence. This is a triumph of the human spirit.


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