Saturday, October 12, 2013

10 Facts About Relationships

(1) In February of 2008, American voters approved Proposition 9, a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of a nationwide network of state-funded "Family Courts" to regulate "marriage contracts" between any two adults who want to live together and/or have regular sexual intercourse. Billions of federal and state dollars yearly will be redirected from education, prenatal care, food stamps, and social welfare programs in order to pay for judges, wellness counselors, caseworkers, receptionists, security guards, courtrooms, parking spaces, and downtown & suburban building projects to facilitate the sitting of these Family Courts. Government agencies will produce mountain ranges of internal regulations to instruct their employees, and the public at large, how to deal with these "marriage contracts," and all disputes over the nature of these contracts will play out in "Family Courts." Schools, universities, businesses and professional associations will all be required to divert massive funds to respect and nurture these contracts.

(2) The federal government will accord 1,138 benefits and responsibilities to members of the public who enter into "marriage contracts," all 1,138 of which will be carefully monitored and scrutinized by a permanent professional staff of lawyers, managers, accountants, and other regulators. A few of those benefits are unpaid leave to care for an ill spouse, social security survivor benefits and spousal benefits, and the right not to testify against one’s spouse, among others. People who merely "love" each other, are "just dating," or who have "just lived together for 36 years" are not eligible to obtain these benefits, however, they will be required to pay thousands of dollars each year for the benefits received by others.

(3) The District of Columbia and 47 states have anti-hate-crime laws, however 0 states include "not being financially successful" or "not being good-looking" or "makes boring conversation" in their legislation.

(4) As of November 2012, 50 states have made marriage legal. 100% of these states have expended massive tax funds to benefit "married" people. In 100% of these states, incredibly profitable industries exist, spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually "planning marriage contracts," decorating the venues for parties typically held after marriage contracts are signed ("weddings"), negotiating the termination of marriages, effecting the termination of marriages, and planning re- and and re-re- and re-re-re- marriages. At all stages of these events, Family Courts and state registration agencies are involved. In 100% of the states that allow "marriage," non-married people may legally be invited to marriage celebrations, unless they have been jailed for failure to pay for judicial salaries, bailiff uniforms, oak veneer wall plating for divorce courtrooms, or blue-patterned reception kiosks at marriage regulatory agencies.

(5) In April 2015, the Senate approved the Expense Expansion Act, which ensures federal oversight and review of state family courts to guarantee that married people of all races, heights, sexual preferences, employment status, and ages (except the unmentionable autonomy-less cellular masses who are merely seventeen) are being granted equal access to state and federal marital benefits.

(6) The Employment Nondiscrimination Act passed by Congress during the presidency of George W. Bush is the act that prohibits discrimination of sexual orientation in the workplace, specifically during hiring.

(7) In the U.S., 75 percent of students have no state laws to protect them from harassment and discrimination in school based on their relationship status. In public high schools, 97 percent of students report regularly hearing anti-single remarks from their peers.

(8) Of the estimated 1.6 million homeless American youth, between 95 and 100 percent identify as "unmarried." In one study, 93 percent of teens reported pressure from a family member to get legally married at some point during their lives.

(9) In the U.S., zero states have cohabitation arrangements of any kind for relationships involving more than two people. 100% of states have devoted statutory lineage, police power, and court and prison facilities to arrest, detain, and remove the civil rights of anyone who attempts to enter into a marriage contract with more than one other person, regardless of sexual orientation.

(10) A recent poll in Out magazine revealed that 96% of the LGBT community supports making unmarried people of all genders and sexual orientations provide constant, endless access to family courts to both married LGBT and non-LGBT people, while the remaining 4% feel that unmarried people could be successfully reeducated at the new Omega Vow Outreach facility in rural northern Montana, where catering professionals, wedding photographers, divorce attorneys, and domestic caseworkers operate round-the-clock training programs to help inmates understand the social value of marriage.

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