Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sources and Wealth


Source Code was the most heartwarming DHS training video of the year. Unlike Moon, none of the science worked out--if you're using 8 minutes of memory extracted from an explosion-victim's brain matter to learn things, you can only learn things that the victim knew. Not other things that go beyond the victim's memories, or else you wouldn't need the victim's brain matter at all; just the source code.


Northern Trust's "Wealth" magazine advises parents to suggest the following to their children about saving:

"[G]ive them three separate banks for their money: one for saving, one for spending and one for charitable giving, if that's a family priority..."

Nach, not only do these kiddies have money for saving for "long term toys" on top of buying "short term toys," they're also so high on the disposable list that they're giving to charity. Out of the goodness of their little hearts this is not: Mommy and Daddy are getting income tax deductions for funding the "community foundations" that will later give little Jakey B. his springboard job.


  1. You know, I bet there are people out there who will ask you with a straight face: "How do you know the 'science does not work out'?" "How do you know that it isn't possible in principle to log the conscious and subconscious brain activity with such precision that you could mine it later in more detail than the dead person could?"

    I actually know one such person - an elite educated, authoritarian fucker who is absolutely terrifying - because the future belongs to him, and his technological miracles work - unlike those of the old fashioned religious zealots and death cultists from the past.

    1. Heehee. In the case of Source Code, the eight minutes of memories inside the bomb victim's brain were so expansive that they allowed the protagonist to leave the train where the explosion occurred, travel across a train stop, then discover the identity of the bomber and the type of bomb used--all things that the victim on the train did not, and could not have, experienced prior to his death. Not only that, the protagonist remained inside the victim's brain's "source code" after the time of the train explosion. All the mystical crap ended up being cover for bad plotting; deus ex machina replaced by scientia ex machina.

      The premise that you could use the victim's actual memories to learn something would have been interesting, but it would've involved a lot more self analysis and time, and a lot less punching and shooting and exploding, than they were willing to consider.

    2. Right, but you can't argue with super-science, per which scanning the victim's brain with quantum precision captures not only what's in their head, but effectively is a complete blueprint of that chunk of the universe in its still indeterminate quantum state. Which in turn enables you to capture and explore at will all possible alternate realities before the quantum field has collapsed into a determinate state. Accordingly, you literally have an unlimited number of actual alternate realities which may decouple from your observational reality.

      Ya feelz me, homie?

    3. hosannah! <3

      The obvious cutesy question then becomes, "Can't we just chop up one donor brain right now, then inject people into it to explore all possible variations on the future, thereby pre-emptively discovering all future ungood actions?" Thereby preventing all tragedies before they happen, and proving Source Code to be the low-functioning younger brother of Minority Report.