Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Evil Is Born

I have this dream that there is a place to go where there are no radical American bloggers. No Macbook Pros with their associated purchase guilt, no online screeds (radical or cooking or otherwise but especially the radical version), no .orgs, no citations to Lord Byron, in fact no blogs whatsoever. No radical American bloggers, that’s my dream, a place without radical American bloggers. If I could find such a place I could die happy. Just think of it, no more bullshitting two-faced phony baloney backstabbing fast talking con artists with their fingers tapping a mile a minute on some American network connection made possible by the American wars they are radically and Americanly decrying. Indeed.

American radical blogs are exceptional for the depth and breadth of their ability to turn caustic for ruining anything pristine and good. They have spread their garbage across their planet using the platform of middle class education and comfort to get audiences of other comfortable people to listen to them as they whine about things they haven't experienced. They disseminate their Pavlovian despondency worldwide, to people who still value life and humanity and to places once out of reach of their derogatory privilege, but alas no more. For American radical bloggers, nothing is sacred, and nobody even thinks about it. It’s like we have a right to leave our garbage where ever our little hearts desire, and we do, we do.

Radical American bloggers fully believe that we will someday vanish into this little corner of the universe they hate, never to bond with planets after our sun goes kaput. What a dreadful thought. They cannot think of anything they would hate to see more than humanity improving itself and coming to love the whole universe, to learn not to scatter hatred and derision hither and thither. The doings of rocks are old and noble but not the doings of their descendants whose lesser inertness, presumably, makes their natural processes of growth and development wholly disgusting.

* * *

Sarcasm is a tool, not wholly a weapon, so it's often useless on its own--a language for those who already understand something to communicate about that understanding, while making the subject feel a bit maudlin and confused. Explaining sarcasm is less fun, but more educational (perhaps). And this rendition did indeed suck, but there's only so far you can deviate from the original, so you can choose to be more representative or more fun, and here we chose more representative, which makes it worse as a form of entertainment, and only slightly better as a tool of comparison.

So, what have we here? A cheap retelling of Rob Payne, who this week offers another version of the "hatred of humanity" rhetoric that so many radical bloggers turn to in despair. This is how evil is born: genuine decency combines with a genuine problem to produce despair, producing hatred.

Rob, for example, has/had a greater concern for people than others. Ergo Rob was more moved by the hunger of the homeless, or the bombing of peasants, than otherwise. His genuine concern for the plight of these people, mixed with the genuine problems of the real world--namely, that American politicians were starving and/or bombing the real world--produced despair, for, after years and years of trying to get the people around him to care, and being labeled a worthless "radical" in the process, Rob despaired that there was no point. In trying. (And along the way, he learned that sentence fragments could add a certain tone to one's prose, but that's another story.)

And there we arrive at the evil. In his failed process of getting people to "wake up," Rob has decided that the people he was trying to help were worthless. They were stupid. They littered. Give up on them.

That giving up produced a fresh evil: Rob's loathing of Americans. This evil may have been "justified" in the sense that Rob was right to be angry at many people, but this latest form into which he metastasized is one of collective punishment, namely his hatred of all Americans. That hatred then includes (1) himself, the nexus of many an evil, and (2) people who might agree completely with him, but who believe they lack the political power to change things, and (3) children who will be born when the sun "goes kaput," who might have by then improved so much that they make Rob proud.

If we've figured out the nightmarish nature of American politics, we often do turn to despair. We think, "Oh, these people are so stupid, look at how they gleefully commit genocide and destroy the economy and fawn over killing, lying politicians, even after we lay the facts out for them and are proven right."

And yet, how did Obama become evil? Are some people just evil by predestination? No; Obama became evil in the same way Rob did. This is how evil is born. Evil comes from good despairing. Evil is the lazy relaxation of love. Evil is the selfish, short-term temper tantrum that is too impatient to wait and keep working. As soon as you give up on, say, "existence," then you find it a nasty thing, and you seek to punish it by making it worse--by hating and fighting back. It is that very hating and fighting back, however justified, that makes you into a new evil.

Your retaliation at that point forms the genuine problem that will cause other good people to despair. By being a jerk in response to those who are a jerk to you, you become a jerk. Other good people, upset at your jerkiness, become jerks in response, and then, we're all jerks.

Yes, this is one of old. "An eye for an eye," right? "...makes the whole world blind," right? There, there's a truth. As we've all been wronged, the noble act is to turn the other cheek. Being alive gives you 100% justification to hate whoever put you through whichever part of it you didn't like, and they were justified to punish you because of what they already suffered through, and~but you get the point, right? This is the failure of the archetypical American radical blogger, who hypocritically uses the technological advancements of industrialism that s/he hates to disseminate hatred of the species that, in theory, s/he is trying to protect by advocating for pacifism or universal health care or any of that. When they turn to bitterness and evil, they are only following the same sad path that others followed before them. It's a short step from Rob hating Americans to his mind giving the subtle adjustment that causes him to not raise much of a protest when the Sino-American World Peace Forces of 2034 begin rounding up the dissident poor, both of Han stock and Anglo. Yes, that's a ridiculous example, but if you hear some of these people whine about Tibet, they're clearly sure that it's coming. Fine, change it to the TPPA Enforcement Squads--you don't like the TPPA, right? Fine, same example: who's to complain if the TPPA Enforcement Squad of 2034 begins rounding up a bunch of ignorant, stupid, hat-wearing Americans for damaging corporate profits? We have to love and believe in even those dummies, if we're to prevent this thousands-year cycle of evil from continuing, and it starts right inside our own heads, with our unwillingness to hate and give up on people who, in all other respects, deserve that.

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  1. I have a friend - the typical organic eating, snotty liberal - that just minutes ago literally published a facebook update that essentially said that she wishes the feudals/oligarchs in her (our) home country would "harden their fists soon" (only prevented for now by European subsidies and weakening Euro-oversight). The not so subtle message is that she can't wait for her stupid country men to be punished for their stupidity and aquiescence and non-following of her enlightened immigrant ways.

    Well, obviously I understand why I should quell it, but it is hard not dreaming of punching her in the face...