Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clairmont review re-post

Baron Ludwig von Nichts suggested, in response to this most recent post, that this one look at this Nicholas Clairmont article, prompting this one's response, recorded here for posterity:

In the same way that Clairmont says that (merely) half the world lives under 1984-style conditions, his article is half right. Our common humanity should indeed move us to protect people from injustice and tyranny.

However, what many of you are noticing is that Clairmont is, himself, a happy citizen of a totalitarian state, yet he believes that only the other totalitarian states are bad. And he believes this because of what his own state's media tells him about conditions in the other states.

His article is a wake up call to the few free peoples remaining in the tiny corners of the world, whom we hope will someday liberate those of us who live in the totalitarian superstates. Perhaps he's failed to notice the (1) denial of voting rights to generations of, and millions of, primarily-race-based "non-citizens," the (2) megacorp control of fraudulent elections, the (3) paramilitarized police forces that roam the domestic battlespace, beating and killing defiant citizens, the (4) massive rape- and torture- imprisonment of, again, generations of and millions of primarily race-based "felons," the (5) meganational spy network that reports nearly every proletariat action to the elite, the (6) conjoined violent and administrative refusal of the right to assemble and/or use free speech, and the (7) fleets of robot death armies killing mountains of people without either judicial due process or legislative Magna Carta.

The sad irony of Clairmont, here, is that he is really so very right, and he says things that very much need to be heard by the many comfortable cowards of the world--who sneer at black kids that hold up con-stores (sic), then pretend that writing an anarchist blog will "challenge" something--but he then channels that comfort into the ludicrous belief that his "own" tyrants are somehow different from Vlad Putin. Clairmont is right that decency should move good people to act. We are not those good people, though, nor are we those free people. We are internet cowards, some of us being paid to write that we are otherwise, and some of us not being paid to write that we are otherwise. The real good people out there are either fighting back right now, or too weak or stupid from the effects of sustained starvation or imprisonment to move their molecules in the proper direction.

(From an entertainment perspective, this is the end result of the billions of idiots who fantasize about "Game of Thrones," pretending that those elites who rule by blood and chance are, essentially, good people forced into a tough situation unless they're on the other side. While we're on the subject, westerners' churlish obsession with their own non-existent Arthurian history, coupled with their inability to literarily characterize without benefit of a .doc file full of canned reminders to the team of authors/scriptwriters, continually furthers the myth that "The Middle Ages" (TM) was something that bore at least a loose resemblance to white film crews chasing white people around New Zealand with old paperbacks in their pants' pockets.)

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