Friday, March 28, 2014

Revolutionary Police

The revolutionary police are never actual revolutionaries--the revolutionary police, in the traditional "problems with revolution" drama, are, in fact, composed of former establishment sympathizers, who run the technicalities of revolutionary doctrine to extremes in order to make clever points about the inherent flaws in the revolution itself--whether or not there are flaws, and whether or not the flaws have anything to do with the doctrinal-conformance punishments advocated by the revolutionary police.

Histories of revolutionary police demonstrate not how wrong revolutions are, but how right they are, and moreover, how powerfully wrong the former establishment was. Robespierre and Stalin acted on behalf of their class, sacrificing their personal names in the service of the old order. They worked to discredit, by stuffing themselves full of straw, something that threatened their parasitic kind. We fear burning Reichstags, camps and falling towers, because we're meant to associate those things with any attempt at salvation.

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