Saturday, May 31, 2014

Avoid the negative people

Rinse your produce with a light vinegar blend
Do yoga every morning
Find your passion and pursue it
And avoid the negative people

Eat organic vegetables
There's always room for more kale
Try to reconnect with yourself
And avoid the negative people

Alcohol is sophisticated
Raw honey makes you better
Set aside fifteen minutes every evening for you time
And never listen to the negative people

Relationships take work
PCEi drives boot faster
Celebrities have better habits
But not the negative people

Don't waste your beautiful mind on darkness
Look, here, see how nice this is?
Keep watching the pretty colors
So you don't turn to the negative people

Make your boss respect you
Learn how the filing system works
Mustard, not mayonnaise
Don't let yourself be trapped by the negative people

If you feel down for any reason
It's because you haven't been very creative
My advice to you from my penthouse suite
Is to avoid the negative people

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