Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gay Selfies Upworthied

So, Jesus voided the old law, meaning we can forget all about Leviticus, right?

But then, what does that mean to everyone like you in "the ancient world"? Does it mean it was okay, back then, to "deny them basic civil rights," murder or discriminate against them, before Jesus showed up in the manger? Was it okay for God to enforce those laws before, so long as He stopped enforcing them when it came time for American dudes to file joint returns? Should you be following a book and a faith written in large part by Paul, who was, according to you, an ignorant bigot?

And, you sick thief, you do realize what you've just done, right? By linking it all to lust and monogamy, you've joined onto the bathhouse raids, vindictive AIDS policy, and brutalized queers of the latter half of America's twentieth century, since that was all blamed on free association, too. How humane. How progressive.

What a strange, narcissistic element of Americana to find expression in 2014. Kind of like, "Yeah, there was slavery, but that's in the past and we're enlightened now, so forget all about it." Well, what if Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were still alive, and still in charge of the universe, the way you think God is? In the case of an almighty supernatural being outside of time and space, the original perpetrator is still on the loose.

Is God good, then, or evil? Was it good, back then, to kill homosexuals for The Act? Was God right or wrong, Mr. Vines? And will it come around again? What if the old law were reinstated? And why is it okay to still condemn to eternal torture those who don't want monogamy? Okay, so you were born as a homosexual, and your special book can be interpreted in a way that makes you feel comfortable linking it to a modern legal institution...but by your rules, can people who were born bisexual, or with a little more testosterone than you, have committed relationships with two or more partners without going to hell? Or is "lustful" behavior still condemned, in your take on the Second Amendment, excuse me, Bible?

So many awful things buried in here. Even for the Bible in-fighters, what about the part where Jesus says he doesn't come to change the old law, but to uphold it? And what does that say about Judaism? If the old law is terrible and got voided by Jesus, are you willing to say that Jews have a stupid, evil, outdated religion? My guess is no. Even though you make clear that "the ancient world" included kinds of terrible discrimination that are no longer modern, humane, or valid.

We built our palaces on sand. Our well-intentioned sales pitches seem to have a few yawning voids; a few logical gaps big enough to drive a fleet of FedEx trucks through. And since you're such clever researchers, proving that the old texts justify what you want right now, surely you've realized that.

So what is this really about? It seems mostly about justifying whatever we want to feel like at any given time, connecting it to something we view as "traditional" no matter how twisted or incomplete the connection. What about dogs who want women, and women who are slatternly enough to permit mounting to arouse their human partners? Eternal damnation? What about women who break monogamy because they've learned something new and exciting about themselves? Eternal damnation? Christ, that's your answer to everything, isn't it?

How stupidly, eerily conservative is this whole "gay marriage" thing. Let's make sure we sow the seeds of another century of shattered souls and brutal social discrimination against everyone who isn't part of the westerners' legally binding contract-monogamy club. (Updated, thank you Amber--and while we're at it, fuck their souls, too!)

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