Friday, June 6, 2014

White Sauce

This one knows it's cheating, but it's too painful to watch some of this go by, so here's another crib sheet:

Wordpress is to Google as Apple is to Microsoft and Democratic is to Republican. There is no conflict, there is no increased safety or privacy, and their relative popularities were timed to make some of the people feel cool for "switching." I'm sorry.

The definition of negative has been inverted. What this meant is that the popular take on "negative people" is a lie. I know, I know, bad three-minute pseudo poetry isn't meant for analysis. Here's the traditional take:

Positive person: I finished a poem today! Feel the vibes!

Negative person: I finished a poem today, and thirteen people were killed in a house attack that was completely unavoidable because it was done on purpose. Feel my negative vibes and be brought down!

Focus on it this way instead, with all the blanks filled in:

Negative person: I finished a poem today and feel only good vibes because those thirteen people killed in the exploded home were worthless husks of flesh.

Positive person: I finished a poem today, and am filled with sorrow for the beautiful poetry that might've been written by one or two of those thirteen people, if they had been allowed to live.

Our distinction between positive and negative has been, literally, inverted. The traditionally negative person is actually far more positive than the traditional positive person, because the traditional positive person has to devalue the lives and suffering of others in order to focus on her/his own delights, while the traditional negative person still finds that value, ergo is displeased and unable to join in the drunken narcissistic revelry. So many people who feel that sorrow are tricked into believing that they are "negative," when that's just another sub-sub-level of memetic poison inserted into the system. The positive people are so fricking negative it's terrifying, which is why they're so obsessed with critiquing others for being "negative" and bringing them down.

Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are republican parties. Even formally. They believe (officially) in rule by elected representatives, rather than by a mob of people instantly voting for or against initiatives on their smartphones. That makes, tragically, the Republican Party the more honest, because its version of Big Man politics is up-front and confessed, while the Democrats have named themselves after the hordes while still clinging desperately to the Big Man model. Calling the Democratic Party the "Democratic Party" is about as realistic as calling it the "Free Carwash Party," except less so, because you're more likely to get a free carwash than you are to get "democracy." Didn't we all learn what a "representative republic" was, in those amazing public schools?

Actually, maybe the "Free Carwash Party" could take power around here. It has just enough vulgar stupidity built into it to have a shot at unseating the powers that be.

Lastly, the reason we talked about the Whytaissance wasn't just to complain about Renaissance art, which is really good propaganda just like Triumph of the Will. We talked about it because you need to rethink everything you know about religion.

Take all of the stuff you feel about African American slavery, and put it into an ark. Take all of those bad feelings, about the old-fashioned racism, the dirty words, the whipping, the raping, the hanging, the separation of families, the Underground Railroad, the slave ships--all of that stuff, add it up, and remember that it really happened, that it was real, and how completely wrong and disgusting it was. Take that and put it in an ark, and call that ark Owning Africa.

Now take everything you feel about religion: the hypocritical, condescending assholes who tell you you're going to hell for loving the wrong person, or those repressed tops who got off on beating Matthew Shepard to death, and the wacky gunmen killing abortion doctors, and the hundreds of years of repressive popes crushing human progress and milking ignorant masses out of their money for cheap donations. And the Mormon Temples and the local Catholic place and the Lutheran "food and proselytize drive" and the synagogue scholarship program, all stealing money from the tax base for use in creating private ideological playgrounds for a sometimes select, sometimes expansive few. And the Witnesses knocking on your door Saturday morning, working on the Sabbath, and the preachers judging people while having extramarital sex with their secretaries, the priests creating a child-molestation network that they were all in on--take all that and put it in another ark, and call that ark Dumbass Religion.

Now, smash those arks together. You've got Owning Africa and Dumbass Religion, all the feelings associated with each of those things, and you crash them together under the Whytaissance, and you see what we're talking about now, right? How Judaism and Christianity and Islam (latter covered later) were bought out by this eerie group of white people, which has raped them to financial effect. Irrespective of whatever divinities may not or may be out there, you need to completely alter your opinion on religious origination, and think of the true names, the true terms behind these things, as the African communal rituals they were, and not as the powerful white people are using them. You need to see the connection between the Triangular Trade and the way the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an were bought out and turned into exclusionary, moneymaking machines before that most cherished moment in white history, the Renaissance, and you need to see that all of the stupidities and problems you blame on those religions are not things fairly assigned to the black African people who originally thought them up and were then muscled out of the terms. We're going to go into that more later, so understand the connection: the white David, the white Jesus, standing in for black David and black Jesus, crippling the best chunk of the first continent and putting it to work in the cotton field and then dancing around in perverted versions of their culture like so many loons pretending that ragtime or the blues or rock were white creations. Getting mad at the Torah or the Gospel now (because of something that the lying white religious dunces did while claiming descent from the Torah or the Gospel) is like getting mad at Charlie Parker for something Vanilla Ice did on behalf of music.

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