Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why bother?

If only the internet were more advanced, we wouldn't even have to post. Indicate that you're a Broncos fan, and every time they win, you and your followers automatically see you say #Huzzah Broncos! Wooh! or some other variation thereof. Categorize your mother as a non-sports friend, and everyone else sees your message, but not her.

You could also click the "sucks" button by, say, "Paul Krugman," so that whenever he publishes anything, Twitter automatically generates on your behalf: #Krugman is spinning lies into the memespace again. Here's the link. /sigh

Who needs typing? The Christmas card list can be replaced by automatic personalized greetings (over 400 different variations if you upgrade, with more added every day), so why can't we scrap all the work involved in keeping this civilization going entirely? The oil we have on hand now would, if we all just committed suicide, be enough to keep our civilization automatically thriving on central servers for tens of thousands of years. Set up a few solar inputs, and that number goes even higher. 8 billion computer personalities, spinning off their own children based on a formulaic combination of likes/dislikes drawn from their parents' lists, all liking statuses and reacting to one another's fodder, for a million years of efficient, friendly, all-inclusive peace.

I'd say we've accomplished everything here that we set out to do.


  1. OT, but let me remind you that services that automatically post in your name exist.

    We are not done yet. Algorythmic regulation has a long way to go. Until you are automatically driven by the google car to a business of your gmail's choice (or to prison, if you misbehave), and until your browser only shows what the algorythm thinks you should see, maybe there is a half human somewhere.

    What I don't get is the enshutiasm to keep pushing in this direction. I have actual friends who can't wait to replace pescy human decision making with more rational programs. Fuck these guys in particular.

    1. We can hope that the first ones to literally replace themselves will get the nonexistence they want, and have lusted for all these years. More importantly, we can hope that the mecha shells they leave behind are easily defeatable.

      Hey, prison is already the automatic destination for some. It becomes more and more humane to allow prisoners to work, so eventually, we'll all graduate straight from school into prison, with guaranteed employment and housing. We'll be vaguely sure we've done something wrong, but not really worry much about it, since you gotta keep a positive attitude.

      But of course, the best prison is the one where the inmates don't know they're imprisoned. Lachion dur Skaes K'arash.

  2. even better is this-when you boss makes you post FOR him for company image when he's busy