Sunday, July 13, 2014

Entrapment Whores

A sideshow side note of passing interest is that, when DAs and cops set up escort/prostitution entrapment rackets, they tend to price their Academy girls low, under the truly-practical auspices of getting easier responses and more arrests. The intended side effect is that poorer people, shopping for bargains, get picked up, while the guys expecting to pay higher do not. Poorer people have fewer pre-loaded excuses, are more likely to be honest with the fetching young plainclothes trainee about their intentions, are more likely to be instantly fired from their jobs if the arrest is called in, and are more likely to plea bargain to community service or probation, instead of fighting over theories of money exchanged solely for companionship, winning a case, and resuming normal life.

You can't even blame the prosecutors or the cops for targeting poor communities, because it takes so much work to get any kind of success against richies, while a pretty trainee with a $20/blowjob story can get three black guys into the wagon in three hours without having to suck a single dick.


  1. Not to mention that the 'on the ground' sting operations are geographically concentrated in the poor areas, where street prostitution is mostly to begin with.

    Although even that is debatable. In the city I live, there are a couple of areas "infested with street prostitution", and my family thought I'm crazy when I moved nearby.

    Well, I deliberately went out on extensive trolling for hookers a couple of times, and did not see any such ladies, with a couple of possible exceptions, - but it is impossible to tell, as girls walking around in shorts is pretty normal in this yearround hot weather (as is walking around by anyone poor at any time - something white suburbanites cannot wrap their little white heads around).

    1. There's far more prostitution in richer areas, but done by less clever people, just like more robbery occurs in boardrooms, yet we're obsessed with tracking down the guy who ripped off $247 from a gas station's cash register.

      It's particularly condescending and sad when agency escorts look down on "streetwalkers," tacitly adapting a racist attitude toward the Hispanic girls doing the same job, but without giving a 20% cut to some manager who knows people in the county attorney's office. But hey, liquor licenses and health inspections, eh? Gotta feed the monster.

  2. I dont't appreciate the term 'whores' (unless applied pejoratively to law enforcement impostors, or to less dignified forms of whoring :)). Hookers, for the most part, are well adjusted and cool ladies with rates of different pathologies not too different from the general population.

    1. I could go either way on that one--why does it need to be viewed pejoratively? There are people who view "ketchup" pejoratively, but I'm still going to call it "ketchup."

      And yet, I confess to titling the post after the sadistic law enforcement ones, with a pejorative take in mind.

  3. Not to mention that chasing down wrongdoing by richies is like being an Internal Affairs rat, but toward your bosses and not your erstwhile blue-uni compatriots.

    "Kowalski, I'd like you to investigate possible money laundering by SplatTech."

    "Sir, my patrol car has SplatTech armor, SplatTech bulletproof glass and SplatTech ramming bumpers. My emergency gear in the trunk contains SplatTech body armor, SplatTech tactical glasses, and 3 days worth of SplatTech emergency rations."

    "That's why you're the best choice for this investigation, Kowalski. You're familiar with the range of products SplatTech sells."

    "I don't know if I want to investigate the people whose gear keeps me safe while I'm putting my life on the line each day, Sarge, but an order's an order and I'll do my best, Sir."