Wednesday, July 2, 2014

White Boiz

Which is more ironic? The Supreme Court, or a bunch of middle class white men using the term "Game" (capital G!) to refer to their clever attempts to sleep with women they find in pricey bars for middle class white people?

Considering that having game was a way that inner city and deep south black players referred to their ability to survive and thrive in abject poverty and militarized police occupation of their schools and neighborhoods, it's just another pitiful Beatles move when a bunch of comfy white boiz steal the term, applying "Game" (capital G!) to the stuff they say to get weekend pussy.

As any balding cherubic white middle class western anglo blogger-slash-player will tell you, "Some men learn Game; somebody has to." Yeah, go on, you rugged Alpha, you; steal the appellation "cowboy" from the Mexicans, advocate for your freedom to live at home on the Sioux graveyard known as the "range," and equate your struggle to score with the struggles of a twelve-year-old, ninety pound black child to survive while walking home through DEA warzones and getting hurled against steel car hoods by a trio of beefy thirty-year-olds with blue uniforms and mustaches. Call me crazy, but the concrete jungle seems a little more of a crucible than letting all the sluts see you hand your bimmer off to the club valets on Friday night.


  1. Penis Envy Much?

    1. Let's assume I do wish I had one of my very own--even so, wouldn't my point stand? Namely, that Aurini appropriated an African American term for "making it in the ghetto," and likened that term to his own lily white attempts to score?

      Doesn't that seem a bit pitiful, to you? Why couldn't he come up with his own term?

      Here, I'll help. How about "Courtship," or "Accelerated Courtship"? Or "Mating Ritual"?

      Actually, it turns out that there was already a plethora of terms describing Aurini's idealized behavior. Following the many self-help emo white pickup authors of the early 2000s, he simply preferred one that would make him seem more urban and cool, so he stole it from black people.