Thursday, August 14, 2014

Post Racial Worlds

When he talks about how it was good that white policemen killed the black man in Ferguson, Obama has really allowed us to see the folly of disregarding racial differences in populations. Americans like to think that Hispanics are just "Hispanics," or that African Americans are just "African Americans," but actually, within all of these communities, there are levels of racial bias depending on the intensity of skin color. In Spain and in Mexico, those with less Moorish/Indian blood--who are lighter skinned--tend to be wealthier, popularized as actors and professors and politicians, while the same thing happens in American Hispanic communities and African ones. Those whose ancestors were willing and/or forced to breed with imperial murderers gain dividends in the form of imperial respect, a generation later.

Michael Brown (the guy killed in Ferguson) was much darker than Obama, just like Oscar Grant (the guy killed in California), and in response to his death, two very rich, powerful, cross-bred pale blacks have pronounced that his life was worthless.

We need to look back at the "Civil Rights movement," and realize how this idea of "diversity" has been used as cover for eliminating diversity by eliminating recognition of diversity within tokenized sub-groups. For example, calling African Americans "African American," rather than letting them trace themselves to one of thousands of disparate populations of hashemitic, Saharan, or sub-Saharan peoples across a rather massive continent. There are blacks with deep, dark skin that has an almost grayish tint; blacks with deep, dark skin that has a reddish tint; blacks with deep, dark skin that has a brownish tint; and, blacks that are less dark, in varying degrees, all the way up to what we call "Arabs." And of course, there are all sorts of facial feature coordinations and non-coordinations that go along with those genetic groups.

And then, there are these wealthy, dispassionate white-blacks who look so eagerly upon police killing darker people. Listening to Obama talk about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, or any of the other darker dead, whether foreign or domestic, is like listening to a Klansman who has obtained office, but knows he has to speak in a carefully coded way to avoid losing swing votes. There is no humanity, only a mechanical recitation of the worthlessness of lives which stand in the way of racially motivated murderers. Yet, because of that slight brownish tint to his skin, Obama is privileged to pass such cruel judgment without being called a racist. And yet, he is--he's among the filthiest, most old-fashioned racists out there, tricking Americans about his innocence just because they think he's "black," when it is really Americans' own willful blindness to differences within African genetic groups that privilege the paler, European-compromised offspring to kill those who are darker.

When we decide that we're going to do something for "blacks" as an imaginary race, it kills all of the differences between those individual people(s), much like calling aboriginal American peoples "Native Americans" rather than by the names of their tribes. Our passion for "diversity" needs to be revealed for the racist screed it is: to recognize "diversity," you need to pre-emptively categorize people into a too-small set of understandable sub-groups, eliminating the identity of the individual in favor of the awful, racist tar-brush of the categorization.

Remember: when the white slavers came to Africa, they weren't hunting down the blacks that they shipped to the New-World colonies to sell. They were trading for those slaves with local African warlords, who sold them human beings at a profit. It offers us absolutely zero exoneration to hear, from a pale black warlord, that it is acceptable for paramilitary forces to murder dark black people in the streets. In fact, there's probably a connection between warlords--of whatever color--and gunning down people of whatever color in the streets.

This dumbass American simplification of races into checklists has removed a lot of the beauty of everyone's heritage, not least Africans'. Instead of talking about "blacks," we could be talking about the Nilotic peoples--the ethnic group from near the Nile river, which tends to have the "muddier," darker black skin--who were enslaved by paler Egyptians (Copt ethnicity), and who were probably closely related to the midway-dark hashemitic and semitic blacks who wrote the Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur'an. Even to our limited knowledge, there are hundreds of other distinct ethnic groups in Africa, but we're so lazy and superior that we treat them all the same, as "Africans," which is a literally murderous disservice. It leaves us completely blind to differences, power relations, and histories within and between those groups, which is probably why so many megacorps and elites are happy to talk about our simplified version of "diversity."

Wake up, guys; it's time to end the deep Klan. Open up all of the nasty things you'd say about Richard Nixon or David Duke or Robert E. Lee, and be willing to say those same things about Barack Obama. Melanin is not a defense for murder. Judge Obama by the content of his character, and determine that he is a racist pig who believes that dark black people should be gunned down in the streets.

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  1. Well said. I call it destroying diversity in the name of equality. Equality doesn't mean fairness, it means sameness.