Monday, September 29, 2014

The Unsupported Premise of the Problem of Evil

In order to conclude that a hypothetical Earth/Heaven/Hell system was broken and that suffering which occurred on said hypothetical Earth was 100% definitely wrong and unfair, we'd first have to conclude the following:

1) We now fully know ourselves and all our prior, current, and future actions, therefore we are qualified to authoritatively judge whether or not things which happen to us now are unmerited;

2) We now fully understand the nature of reality and our part in or of it, therefore the occurrence of evil is a standing injustice and an existential problem;

3) Our biologically-limited linear perception of time, and our traditional philosophical assumptions thereof about cause and effect, are accurate as to all forms of existence;

4) It would be unfair and wrong for us to have to take a lot of time to learn about an incredibly vast and complex system on our own, and we would be better served learning about such a system by having it summarized briefly to us, rather than by participating in it in an intimate and thorough fashion.

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  1. I think that the most important thing that every single religion teaches is precisely the overwhelming sense of joy and internal freedom that result from understanding that the world is bigger than you, and instead focusing on what's happening to you, a better way is to contemplate yourself and the universe in unity, etc.

    But, there is a glitch - if so, why fight any injustice, ever? After all, plenty of people have retained their internal freedom and dignity even in places like the Nazi concentration camps/