Sunday, December 21, 2014

Survival of the Fittest

Market-style evolution and natural selection are, inherently, a moral code, in the same way that nihilism is a moral code. By postulating the absence of any meaning whatsoever, mercantilist philosophy decrees that all moral codes--from Jainism to Buddhism to Christianity to Hindu--are social constructs, and have no inherent connection to the nature of reality. Ergo in a random universe, there are no moral codes. Life is a brief Hobbesian struggle, and death is the result of inferiority.

Mercantilist evolution postulates a universe of randomized mutations during reproduction, the results of which mutations receive harsh punishment from nature in the form of death/extinction whenever the results aren't "better" than market competitors. Even were this process efficient, and even were the universe actually an atomized, impartial entity, mercantilist evolution mandates an absence of any more powerful pattern behind life or existence. The capitalist's preferred version of evolution is a justification of moral relativism, because proofs of randomized mutation are proofs that there is no meaning.

Ergo if George W. Bush killed everyone in the world tomorrow, then cloned eight billion versions of himself, he would be a successful organism. If he populated all galaxies with more clones of himself, eliminating all other life in his wake, he would be the most successful organism. There would be nothing right or wrong about what he would have done, because there is no right and wrong--all of the George W. Bush clones would believe they had been right, and everyone else who felt differently would be extinct forever. That is the story we tell ourselves when we fantasize about our triumph over the dinosaurs, our genocide of the neanderthal, and our murder of various aboriginal populations around the globe: might makes right.

The British Empire did not begin its colonialism in India. Britain only exists because of colonialism. What we now call "Britain" is the result of Imperial Roman cartels that crossed the Channel and invaded the British isles as part of Rome's own colonial projects. When the Britons' forebears had finished murdering the Celts, and raping their own seed into the Celts' daughters, they set up shop and carried on in the same fashion until the present day.

English is the only known major language that has terms like "Welsh" to identify people from England itself as foreigners. The foul rapists who invaded the islands used the imperial term "Walha" to identify the local Welsh peoples as "foreigners," as a way of excluding them from the land that had been stolen out from under their feet. European settlers would later do a similar thing in America, calling people with aboriginal American blood "illegal immigrants," but even that wasn't as audacious an act as what the invading Roman barbarians British did to the Celts of Wales. ("Welsh" literally meant "foreigner," so the American equivalent would've been to call the New World, "Invadia," and call the Indians, not "Indians," but "Invader." You don't need to read Orwell's take on Zamyatin to find doublespeak; the Roman Senators and their rape-happy brood of recessed-chin pudding munchers had that one mastered centuries ago.)

(For an extra dose of necessary irony, the British are now all putting up millions of cameras and wetting their pants in fear at the thought that too many Muslims might immigrate to "their" country, stealing their women away like so many Dodi Fayeds guiding swooning Dianas onto their loins.)

"Evolutionary theory" did not begin with Darwin. Nor would Darwin recognize the perversion of his work made by the robber barons of the industrial age. For time immemorial, there have been people who argued that "might makes right," and "the ends justify the means," and "there is no greater good or purpose at work in the world, it's all just stuff that kinda happens." That is mercantilist evolution's argument: that Those Who Thrive Are Better. It is the same argument offered by the postmodern Christians who believe that God rewards inherent goodness with worldly wealth. Moreover, it is the easy way for a lord-worshiping culture, still steeped in the rank foulness of a hideously inbred nobility, to rationalize its own existence atop the bodies of so many millions of murdered children.

Like America, which is still haunted by what it did to the Iroquois, Britain is riding a wave of Celtic blood a thousand years old. It is no wonder that the idea "survival of the fittest" helps them feel so good about what they have done; so proud of their gunpowder and bayonets, as they join forces to murder Arabs and threaten Russia over the last few drops of oil they can see.

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(In other news, more unfortunate accidents are happening to people who've crossed Lord Steyne--another banker quietly passed away in an unforeseen tragedy with nothing suspicious about it. Here's the January link about the trend from the WSJ, here's an August followup, and here's December.

Gosh, that random extinction thing sure is weird, isn't it? Refuse Operation Northwoods, and you take a bullet in the head; get a conscience and think about coming clean on where all the money is, and you accidentally slip out a window. Who needs Hollywood when you've got Hollywood the news?)

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