Friday, January 9, 2015

Instinctual Feedback

Like references to the firmament crumbling into metaphor before the eventual observation that stars were balls of burning gas, the faith of randomized mutations will eventually have to adjust itself to conform to the painfully slow consensus that old explanations were in error.

You may not particularly agree with this lunatic right now about "evolution," but sometime in the next several decades, maybe even during your lifetime, they'll begin retconning (retroactively adjusting a narrative for continuity) their twentieth century scripture. So what you're going to do is this: you're going to read this short post, snort in disgust, and forget about it. Then, thirty years later, when they begin changing their story the way I'm about to describe, you'll get a little tickle of memory, and remember what High Arka told you in Terra 2015. And you'll realize, "Oh." And it will help you understand the whole thing from a more elevated perspective.

Right now, as we've discussed in excruciating detail, their story is that evolution is caused by random mutations, and that nature selects the best specimens to survive. Ergo elites are elite because they are the best. Now, they've been able to keep this line of bullshit up for a long, long time, relative to human lifespans. Like the stars falling under the power of telescopes, though, this won't last them forever. The impossibility of their ludicrous claims cannot last, anymore than the Catholic Church could continue excommunicating Americans for using birth control or getting divorced: in order to keep up with the market, they'll have to reveal themselves to be disingenuous bastards, more interested in money and social control than they are in a higher degree of truth or ethics. Like the Catholic Church, they'll claim that, after careful thought, they've become wiser, ergo changed their story, but in actuality, their response to tithing market forces will prove that they never held those original principles in the first place. They were willing to drop their lofty proofs the instant it threatened the bottom line. It was all a ruse, right from the start. Put the money in the jar, get your cracker, move along.

So here's what they're going to do next: sometime in the next many years, they're going to begin excitedly announcing that they've learned more about evolution. They are going to do studies that lay the groundwork for concluding that evolution by natural selection is effected in conjunction with some kind of instinctual response. They're going to say that the reason that random evolution happened so fast, given all the impossibilities involved in their earlier story, is that many organisms' instincts and DNA were being subtly altered by the experiences the organism had. E.g., if a crab faces the loss of its favorite prey, but another kind of prey is available, the crab's experience may cause its offspring's digestive systems to mutate into forms more effective at digesting the newly available source of food.

Now, just like they replaced the fiat creationism of the Torah (which was a Jenomic twisting of a metaphoric vision into an elite-justifying hierarchy fantasy) with the capitalist fantasyland of their perverted take on Darwin, their story will move "a little closer" to the truth. Yes, organisms do respond to their environment. That's an element of evolution that, like the change of species over time, is "more true" than the narrative from the age of acknowledged god-kings.

But notice the distinction between the truth, and what they'll do: in truth, evolution is fully integrative. Organisms do not, in general, individually respond to environmental stimuli. They respond collectively. More importantly, though--far more importantly--is that the environment itself, the Terran ecology, is evolving in coordination with its various components. Just as DNA links a person's every cell to that person's body, so too do Terran organisms link them to Terra.

The new narrative they're going to come up with--instinctual feedback--is going to be used to justify, in a typically Objectivist way, the same kind of elite arrangements that the Torah creationist/genocide fantasies, and the natural-selection/genocide fantasies, have been funding for the same bastards for five K years.

That's what Jenome does. It infects every fucking planet it can reach, thence spurting out endless ways of rationalizing the subdivision of planetary components into castes. No great and variegated detail in castes is necessarily required; so long as there's a "Chosen" or an "elite" of any kind, things are going the way they're supposed to. And hilariously enough, there can be as many elite as there need to be, all thinking themselves little superior, transcendent pockets of whatever. Owners, thinkers, builders...all little ways of feeling discrete and superior, separating one from another.

So watch for it coming. Watch for them to try to escape the compounded weight of their bullshit by saying, "Oh, we understand evolution better now. The reason all the impossible stuff happened is that, uhh, superior organisms were unconsciously adjusting their offspring's DNA to evolve in better harmony with the environment." Which is a lie. A complete lie. That next form of their story will still make it seem like each individual organism is a heroic, self-reliant cowboy, who takes what he needs from the land, and survives because he had the guts, the hard work, and the grace of the Fates to evolve in the proper direction, whereas all those damned rural Indian children just lacked that capacity to adapt (so it was their own damn fault they starved--the unspoken conclusion of Torah-style, natural selection-style, and instinctual response-style creationisms). It will really be the same story as pseudo-Creator creationism and pseudo-Darwinian biology, only upgraded. And like any new upgraded car, it fixes the flaws of the past model, so you should always trust the car company.

Watch for it. You don't believe me now, but if they come out with the next version of their lie during your time here, take note of it. Take note of the way that, by claiming individual organisms change "meritoriously" in order to adapt to a hostile environment, they are trying to cut out the role of the planet. They are trying to conceal, yet again, the way that everything works together to grow and develop. They want you to feel alone. Alone and isolated, forever, so that you have nowhere else to turn except fear and everdeath. They want you to think that you're not a part of Terra, and dismiss as "failures" those who don't make it. They want you not to be your brother's keeper--to believe that the way of the verse is naught save self-interest--and they want to keep you reliant on a caste of learned Wise Men who will tell you the way the world works, which you can't possibly understand because you can't read the sophisticated scriptures and understand the complicated rituals.

When they change their story again, laugh. Laugh at the idea that you could possibly trust them another time. When the next generation of old-moneyed children switches jobs, declares prior priests unworthy, and promises that this time, they have it right, laugh quietly to yourself at their arrogance, for this time, you won't believe their impossible, cruel lies. Remember that it was the genocidal offspring of the ancient Wise Men who taught you how the world works. Never again be caught by one of their illusions, for even their most seemingly innocuous ones are part of a greater system of helping you not think.

When it comes, take note of the next form of their lie, and remember that this one called it beforehand. Don't remember that detail because you're supposed to think I'm so great, but remember it because it will help you look back, more directly, on some of the other things we've read about together during our time here, so that you don't live with a terrible fear of the time of your transition.


  1. if lightspring perpetually integratively evolves towards something awesome, then why should we ever do or think anything? why not just kick back, relax, and wait to take care of itself?

    1. As to "why," because it makes things better. E.g., if you're on guaranteed welfare for eternal life, with an old couch and a flickering TV for the next ten thousand years, would you be willing to get up off the couch every so often if it meant you could get upgraded to a mansion in 500 years instead of waiting the whole 10K?

      Desires push us toward better things. For the majority of entities over the aggregate time periods in question, desire will consistently win out, producing net gains in good behavior.

      (Same response, essentially, as that to the free rider problem of capitalism, where attempted blockages produce far more free riders than would have existed in the first place.)

  2. Maybe, but how do you distinguish good from bad desires? Are you going to deny that there is a pleasure in crushing your enemy, revenge, and domination? Woo-hoo!

    1. Good desires/pleasures produce consistently positive effects, in the sense that they promote life. E.g., the satisfaction of seeing a child one has raised successfully parent a child on her/his own will outweigh the satisfaction of having dumped a baby into a river to avoid the financial or emotional burden. It's not always (or even often) instantly (or lengthily) apparent to most people around today, because so much of society is designed to atomize and compartmentalize our interdependence. As a result, there are plenty of people who die in their old age still believing that they're happy that they crushed some rival years ago, or financially punished someone with whom they've disagreed, or something like that.

      These kinds of things have measurable, objectively communicable consequences at different stages of development. From here, people who think they are feeling positively may not realize the lasting effects of, say, torturing someone who really, really deserves it. That relationship, that exchange, ultimately does serious harm to the one with the tongs, too.

      Of course, I'm using "serious harm" in a certain way. I support power and pleasure, ergo I'm an advocate for the ultimate superiority of light integration. Those who support relative power--power over others--develop in different ways. They find their version of genuine pleasure in harmful acts, because learning to be that way grooms them for the pleasures of small competition in a later malebolge.

      We choose the details of our own formation. If you want to spend most of your time as a hate-filled, downtrodden, suffering, futilely-yearning creature, in order to occasionally enjoy a comparatively short time at the pinnacle--to be the inflictor, rather than the inflictee--you can choose that.

      The math is on my side, though, because in integrative developmental stages, the goals are essentially the same, so all efforts net a positive gain. In compartmentalized developmental stages, the goals are always different, so all efforts consistently produce losses. Only be extraordinary, unbalanced suffering, can the pleasures of a rotating cycle of dreadlords be provisioned, via the suffering of the great majority of their peers.

      This one's been trying to avoid local terminology for reasons of predictable dissonance, but let's put it more simply now. If you learn more of kindness, sharing, forgiveness, acceptance, and other integrative pleasures, you may go to Heaven, where everyone can work together on things like that all the time. If you believe in selfishness, revenge, judgment, suffering, and cruelty, you may go to Hell, where, in order for anyone to realize themselves, others have to correspondingly sacrifice themselves in much larger numbers.

      That's why later stages of development for selfish points of consciousness can be fairly termed "hells." If you get a bunch of selfish bastards together, and permit them to realize their ideal society, it produces a constant race of status and domination, where the majority always has to suffer in order to provide the victims that the minority needs to sustain its pleasures.

      By contrast, if you get a bunch of nice people together, trying to help each other out, any given exertion produces a positive result. The societies built by people who develop themselves in attunement to positivity are always much stronger than those built by people who develop themselves in attunement to negativity.

    2. Returning to your original question, you distinguish good (positive) and bad (negative) in terms of their energy efficiency. Hurting someone gives you a gain at their expense; helping someone gives them a gain at your expense. In almost all reasonable exchanges of these kinds, the positive acts produce more overall positivity, ergo why this one, a rabid supporter of power and lust, pursues the pleasures and efficiencies of the integrated society.

      Even in Earth economics, we can see that principle: diminishing marginal utility, for example. The rich woman harms society, and eventually herself, by the act of being rich. Her short-term pleasures are offset by corresponding short-term losses to everything else, and the long-term losses to both her and everything else.

      So choose your own desires based upon how you want to develop. In "heaven," say, you are unable to take enjoyment in the keenness of your pleasures relative to the sufferings of others; you learn to value pleasure in and of itself, and aren't disturbed by the corresponding pleasure about you. In a Stage Five negative malebolge, though, you might suffer for a million years in order to earn the privilege of spending a hundred years experiencing the merely- (my unnecessary word, my opinion!) relative pleasures of comparative domination.

  3. I see one of Jesus's famous lines in a whole new light now :)

    "Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you." (Matthew 21:31)