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The First Anti-Debt Rebellion ~ Tenth Hope

Part 9.

The First Anti-Debt Rebellion: Judaism

Funny, isn't it? Thousands of years ago in Africa, a community of dark-skinned people fought against debt and slavery; against racism, unfair power relations, rape, and tyranny. Since then, a massive, worldwide anti-Semitic movement has utterly crushed the Jewish people, leaving scarcely a trace behind. Somehow, in the thousands of years since the Semites formed their communities and their ethnocultural identity, the term "Jewish" has been stolen away, and become associated with well-off, white, and all-too-often dangerously "pragmatic" atheist narrators and bankers who play a great part in the world's financial structure. In academics, economics, private foundations, mass media, and the frickin' U.S. Fed--the formal linchpin of the entire operation--wealthy white atheists who self-identify as "Jewish" administer bonds, debts, inflation, jobs, loans, stocks, currencies, and other iconically immortal fiscal instruments. Through the Fed, the U.S. Congress and military, and Israel, they devour Africa, funding and urging on genocidal warlords and imposing multi-generational starvation debts upon millions of dark people.

It's really ironic, considering that the self-identification is incorrect. What we in the modern world think of now as Judaism is really a set of culturally variable window-dressings that were stolen from dark people in Africa. The theft of Judaism from the dark-skinned people who created it is one of the most hideously racist acts in the past thousand years--a strike at African culture; a colonization; a white man's burden of re-education. I know this stuff makes you shudder, because, like, the thirteenth tribe or whatever, but put that aside for a moment. We're talking the very beginning, e.g., the anti-debt rebellion in the "Middle East," and the people who necessarily lived there and made it up. All the physical raping and colonizing of Africa, and Europeanization that came later may just have funky connections.

So, why is actual, original Jewishness an anti-debt rebellion? And how in the world did the financial backbone of hundreds of years of post-Roman European civilization (e.g., the Dark Ages) come from an anti-debt rebellion? And why is making this claim not the equivalent of nitpicking whether the Neo-Episcopalian Church is the one true word of God, as opposed to reformed Universal Buddhitarianism? Easy: this stuff is too literal to scripturally contradict. Unlike the Second Amendment or the transcript of Fed testimony to Congress, some parts of the Torah are so direct that they brook no bullshit. Check it:
For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes. He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.
-Deuteronomy 10:17-18
Okay, sorry; I admit it, that one wasn't the best. But I wanted to open with it given how humorous it is that so many Senators vote to cut food stamps, and that Dr. Bernanke donates very little money to people getting driven away from their families through Mexicali in CBP trucks. Here though--let's get fiscal:
Count off seven sabbath years—seven times seven years—so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years. Then have the trumpet sounded everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land. Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan. The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines. For it is a jubilee and is to be holy for you; eat only what is taken directly from the fields.

In this Year of Jubilee everyone is to return to their own property.

If you sell land to any of your own people or buy land from them, do not take advantage of each other. You are to buy from your own people on the basis of the number of years since the Jubilee. And they are to sell to you on the basis of the number of years left for harvesting crops. When the years are many, you are to increase the price, and when the years are few, you are to decrease the price, because what is really being sold to you is the number of crops. Do not take advantage of each other, but fear your God. I am the Lord your God.

Follow my decrees and be careful to obey my laws, and you will live safely in the land. Then the land will yield its fruit, and you will eat your fill and live there in safety. You may ask, “What will we eat in the seventh year if we do not plant or harvest our crops?” I will send you such a blessing in the sixth year that the land will yield enough for three years. While you plant during the eighth year, you will eat from the old crop and will continue to eat from it until the harvest of the ninth year comes in.

The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine and you reside in my land as foreigners and strangers. Throughout the land that you hold as a possession, you must provide for the redemption of the land.
Leviticus 25:8-23
That's right, people: the Jubilee. Judaism is an economic commandment--the Torah speaks at least a thousand times more about financial transactions than it does about guy-on-guy. The Torah is directly, literally, unequivocally an economic textbook; a rebellion against bankers. The white financial class, now, many of whom claim to be "Christian" or "Jewish" or "Muslim," while maintaining trillion-dollar networks of eternal debts against individuals and entire nations, is about as Jewish/Christian/Muslim as someone who self-identifies as not believing in God, or who self identifies as an idol-worshiper, or who invests in a retail company that opens on Saturdays and/or Sundays. God may have been a literal or a metaphorical concept, but the dark African peoples who wrote or prophesied these words were themselves very literal about reducing all debts to zero every fifty years. Jubilee is explicit, non-metaphorical, and mandatory; God's order to "not take advantage" and to regularly expunge debts is Fight Club; it's hippie communes; it's modern ideas of a nationless, gradually-expiring currency; it's the solidarity economy, and everything good and just about economics.

(Whether these concepts are "practical" or "workable" is not the issue, here--the issue, instead, is "what God said" in the sense of "what the African writers of the Torah said about economics in their anti-debt manifesto." The anti-Semitic movement of dehumanizing, caucasus-centric racists that has so completely stolen this culture from its black creators is little different than the thefts and murders being committed now by anti-Semitic white mercenary armies who protect Congo's copper mines against control by the desperately poor locals.)

These are the wonderful, millennia-old concepts that came out of this sometimes-beautiful religion. Not only does the Torah direct that crushing debt peonage should never be imposed upon people, it also provides secrets of agriculture that demolish Monsanto-type crap. Not tilling the land with the modern, damaging, "efficient" (in the short term) plow, and not sowing seed at regular periods to allow the soil's nutrients to recover, is the type of long-term civilizational strategy that many radicals are just now rediscovering with their postmodern take on "communal agriculture." Systematically, White-Judeo-Christian civilization has overfarmed, polluted, and wrung too many resources out of farmland by trying to make a quick buck, then turned to deadly chemicals to force constant crop growth, because they didn't use a staggered planting approach to begin with. Not only actual, original Jewish Africans, but agricultural societies the ancient world over, understood this. In modern anthropology, we see the same cycle repeated over the course of Terra's so-called twentieth century: white missionaries or corporations come into Africa, force overplanting, destroy the land, then dump chemicals to force more crop yields, thereby ruining the local economy and causing millions of people to starve after only a few years.

If only we'd all been Jewish--actually Jewish--then the system of make-believe endless creditor power that runs the world, from government bond obligations to student loans to credit cards, would have no foothold. Africa tried to save us thousands of years ago, and might've had a chance to do so if so many secular white bankers hadn't claimed the terms "Jewish" (or "Christian" or "Islam," latter two upcoming) to denote their own culture. Whatever culture that thing may be, it has very little to do with the Torah.

Just How Good Is Judaism?

Look at the blockquote again: "The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is mine..." Judaism demolishes the idea of "property law," reminding us that land belongs to "God" (or "the community," or "nature," or whatever other metaphor you like), and therefore, it cannot really be sold. Judaism is a wonderful, tragic argument, for it contradicts Adam Smith, John Milton, Donald Trump, Janet Yellen, and the rest of the non-coincidentally white rentier class. The English enclosure of the commons was prohibited by Judaism (and by Christianity and Islam, the other two anti-debt rebellions which we'll get to later), and every single aspect of U.S. Government fiscal policy, Federal Reserve Bank policy, et cetera, is a direct violation of God's explicit word, per the Torah. Look another time: "Follow my decrees and be careful to obey my laws, and you will live safely in the land." Food crises; overplanting; overgrazing--sounds pretty non-safe to this one. You can be a completely secular, non-spiritual materialist if you want, and yet still appreciate how, thousands of years ago, Jews had this stuff mastered. Where the hell did it go wrong, such that we're having to relearn all this, in the face of the billionaire financiers and warlords who stand ever against it?

And yet...and yet, we are where we are today, where rich white people self-identify as supposed members of a dark African anti-debt culture, while levying interest and collecting payments and doing all that other shit. Ironically--or perhaps not so ironically--the hammer falls heaviest on Africa, where Judaism came from. Africa is owned and occupied by western bankers and western militaries; going by the numbers alone, Caucasian people seem almost uniquely driven to crush Africa while claiming titles--"Christian," "Islamic," "Jewish"--that came from real Africans; from real dark people who proscribed communal lifestyles and the elimination of interest rates and extortionary "loans."

Religious Significance

Sure, there's a quote or two, but how does any of that stuff really define the Torah? Predominance. That little quote from Leviticus up there goes on until 25:55; we cut it off less than halfway. See also Deuteronomy 15:1-11, where Israelites have to cut off debts to other Jews every 7 years. Maybe a little racist there on the part of the original blacks, but at least foreigners get the 50-year Jubilee.
At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel any loan they have made to a fellow Israelite. They shall not require payment from anyone among their own people, because the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed. You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your fellow Israelite owes you. However, there need be no poor people among you, for in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you, if only you fully obey the Lord your God and are careful to follow all these commands I am giving you today. For the Lord your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.

If anyone is poor among your fellow Israelites in any of the towns of the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward them. Rather, be openhanded and freely lend them whatever they need. Be careful not to harbor this wicked thought: “The seventh year, the year for canceling debts, is near,” so that you do not show ill will toward the needy among your fellow Israelites and give them nothing. They may then appeal to the Lord against you, and you will be found guilty of sin. Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.
Yeah, there's a definite ethnic bigotry present there, but check out the prohibitions in detail: the nation will only be kept healthy if the poor are provided for; debts to citizens get eliminated every 7 years, to non-citizens every 50 years; and, there's a direct prohibition against debt-financing a government (e.g., the "national debt" that the Fed and Congress have orchestrated to put taxpayers on the hook for a few trillion warbucks is pre-emptively barred). And charity is mandatory, of course.

(If you're interested in Celtic history, you'll notice the same type of prohibitions occurring in the Oera Linda and other similar narratives, where Terra's native Barians warned their communities to be wary of the exploitative debt invasions coming from the Caucasus region. Anti-Semites murdered and raped their way into what is now called Ireland in the same way that they have done/are doing in what is now called Africa.)

Sex stuff, miracles, and even salvation are all well and good, but in terms of an actual, immediate and lasting impact on an earthly community, those things can't compete with the day-by-day economics of feeding people. Remember MLK on being able to afford eating at the lunch counter, and how being given permission to sit there didn't matter if you couldn't afford the lunch? The direct fiscal punch of the Torah's economic policies is so profound, and so detailed, that it would have reshaped the future of the world if that Book had been followed. Debt elimination would've prevented the horrible Grecian and Roman conquests, would've prevented feudalism; would've stopped the rise of lords and city-states; would've denied monarchies by preventing the funding of creditor-thrones and all the resulting war and starvation. Judaism would have prevented the dark ages, the tsarist pogroms of the 19th century, the total warfare massacres of the twentieth century--if it had been followed. It also would have done something arguably much more important for humankind's future: barred the writing or publication of any economics textbooks.

Sadly, wackily, terribly, the hashemitic Palestinians, and the other dark Africans from the regions of actual-source Judaism, are now feeling the brunt of this white takeover. White bankers, calling themselves followers of Torah or Gospel or Qur'an, have imposed centuries of colonialism and "debt" on the people where all those cultural movements came from. It's kind of like saying that Elvis created rock and roll, and making all the black folk pay royalties to the Great White Estate whenever they put on, oh, Charlie Parker or whatever the hell else you prefer. The way that white anti-Semites, like the Saudi or London or Roman or Hollywood Royals, bought out the labels of the Judeo-Christian religions, is a direct copy of the way almost all original African movements have been co-opted by this same group throughout recent Terran history. Look at, e.g., rap music, which began as an anti-capitalist movement among the same lineal groups as those that created Judaism--poor, oppressed, Terran-skinned Balrin peoples, this time slaving in American ghettos rather than building pyramids for pale pharaohs--before being purchased by rich racist whites, aped by middle-class whites, and eventually, completely taken over by white producers and a handful of token, incredibly wealthy blacks. If you watched in horror as Judeo-Christian whites tried to buy the spirit of ragtime, or jazz, or rock and roll, or rap, then congratulations--you just lived through another sickening, cyclical buyout of genuine Terran culture.


Like Annie Lennox, though, the purpose here isn't just to tell the history, or to get into arguments over who was really a really real religious-whatever during Period X. The hope here, that you need to realize as we look upon the horrible wars and peonage these bankers have spread across the globe, is that there actually have been big, serious, powerful anti-debt revolutions throughout history. They have made major impacts, they've captured the hearts of billions, and they were so threatening to creditor power that they had to be taken over and assimilated in order to dilute their economic impact. The Jews would have saved the world if their message hadn't been whitewashed by pale racists.

You don't have to consign yourself to wishing that genuine fair trade, or Bolshevism, or Marxism, or whatever your sacred cow is, had turned out better, or gotten a "real" foothold somewhere. No, you actually have three (four, five, etc.) of the biggest sociological episodes in Terran history at your back. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu: all popular revolutions against the banking class. All rebellions by the common people, proscribing rules against interest and debt and mandating social welfare systems and sustainable farming.

(That is why London--the financial capital of the world--is home to the nastiest, most arrogant, racist atheists right now. These are the people who, if you're religious, live on callow soullessness, and who, if you're not religious, live on laborless rentier income extracted from African hosts. In neither case do these people want anti-debt rebellions to survive, whether or not there is any kind of supreme being.)

If you're in any way a good person, all of the stuff you want to see for these humans--all of the stuff you're realizing is necessary to stop imperialism and environmental destruction--was already there; has already been there, for over five thousand years, as part of the human dialogue on this very planet. These aren't marginalized, new ideas, and human history is not a history of dundering idiots who have only now realized that "the Fed" and "the banks' destruction of the impoverished blacks of Detroit" are bad ideas. The good stuff has always been there. Your planet, your people, are strong and wise and far-seeing. They have been right for thousands of years. You've learned to dismiss "religious Jews" and "Christians" and "Islamo-fascists" only because you have been consistently lied to about what those belief systems really are. As you confront the world's latest set of parasitic elites, draw hope, and learn lessons, from the revolutions of the past. Long before 2015, there was Judaism, confronting the power of capital and warning of the dire consequences of creditor takeover. Long before Jewish culture was stolen by white racists, and made over in the image of a series of icons and modernized holidays/commentaries, Judaism was a true black child facing a great white invader.

Take hope in your people. Stop believing they are all so stupid in a world that is all so stupid. Stop saying that they're getting what they deserve. The heart of Terra's native life, the people who grew from here, came up with the Jewish religion as a bulwark against the wars, finance, and environmental destruction we see today.

(If you're a traveler who's never been in a place like this before, and have an objection to the genocidal nature of the "Torah," what you're seeing is the results of Jenomic infection on some of the otherwise-local stuff. Jenome's a loose 6 reverber who establishes castes [always at least one] to produce np energy, and he always melds really well on purpose, so he can hide successfully for a while. He usually hangs on about 14-15S, but from here this one doesn't know when he first landed, so we can assume at least 40K lps more until he leaves, assuming that scripture as latest possible contact. So don't let the end result make you give up hope on the life that originates here, because that part wasn't, shall we say, kosher. [Ha.])

The Grand Wizards

Racism has to be addressed here: racism against Jewish persons, and against African persons. In Genesis 2:5, God saw that there was no growth on the Earth, because He had not yet sent rain there, so He sent rain, then took the dirt from the ground and made His brown people. If we assume that Genesis is either (1) a True Account of the Creation of Man, or (2) a charming old ethnic fable, then what color is Africa's soil after it has been rained upon? A whole lot of colors, of course, but very few of those colors are the colors of the people we have come to call "white." Divine or otherwise, the Adam in the stories was black, just like David the Shepherd, Paul of Egypt, or Jesus of Nazareth. The lords of capital have seized Detroit under un-jubileed debt rationalizations, same as they've been robbing people from Africa for centuries, and we covered the Whytaissance earlier. Before going on, this colossally racist act--this taking of Judaism away from Africans--has to be given extra attention.

The Torah has certainly come a long way since it was first put together on the African continent. How truly weird, and how bloody unjust it is, that the sustainable, black societies of the human continent have had their history taken away from them thousands of years ago, and how these pale European creatures keep showing up, claiming to be descended from Abraham or Christ or whoever, to debt-finance slavery and genocide. Even today, right now, Ethiopian warlords are driving armored cars over the heads of Somali children--cars bought and shipped there by a European and American financial class which claims the supremacy of a Judeo-Christian civilization.

It's hard for rich, powerful westerners to take this, of course. Try telling a Confederate widow that it simply wasn't right to buy and sell black people like cattle, and you'll get a similar reaction to that which you'd hear from Janet Yellen if you asked her a question about the timeless relevance of jubilees, or from Barack Obama if you asked him about what Christ did to the moneychangers (and/or what Christ did not do to make the little children suffer). It's not at all a joke--go back 150 years in the south, walk into the tavern, and start suggesting that Jesus was black, and was crucified by racist white Romans. And they will kill you, kill your family, besmirch your name, and crush you. Not a joke. Racists have tremendous power, still, as they slaughter blacks and pretend to be heirs to African religions.

Christ and The Penultimate Racist Takeover

Less attention here, because Christ threw the moneylenders out of the temple, right? Right. You're more familiar with this one, probably, because it was many years after the hostile takeover of Judaism that another set of dark-skinned people in Africa and the Middle East rebelled against debt again--closer to today. Christianity's stance against debt was so powerful that in basic European history, we know that "Christian" rulers had to employ "Jews" as their bankers and moneylenders. In yet another irony of colossal proportions, the self-identified "Jews" of medieval Europe were this group of white people who claimed the religious ability to be perpetual lenders, thereby offering their Christian business partners a degree of separation between the interest payments that funded their brutal serf empires, and the actual lending that the Christian religion prohibited.

We know all that, right? A thousand years of dark ages, debt-financed "crusades" and "pogroms" where darker local Jews were killed by white crusader armies who then marched south into the Holy Land to butcher real, dark, African Muslims and Jews. And somehow, amazingly, like Kissinger winning the Nobel prize, these Africa-killing armies were built on the financing of white "Christians" and white "Jews" from Europe.

The scrub job went deeper. Of course, we know that, being from Nazareth, Christ was a dark African, maybe "olive-skinned" but more likely just black. We also know that the academically-historical evidence of Christ is somewhat nonexistent, so maybe there was no Christ, and it's all just speculation. But still--Africa. The same connection as with Judaism. Check out this Ras Kass, or look again at Cesare Borgia, the white man picked by Michelangelo to become the "logo" for Christ, Inc., at the same time as the Pope was destroying all prior images of (black) Jesus:

With Christianity, Africa tried again to free itself from debt. Judaism had all but vanished from its creators. Yes, there are still some black Jews, and there are some white "Orthodox" ones, but neither are the way the original ones were. Once Judaism had turned into something else, a Maschiah arrived, threw the moneylenders out, spoke out against usury and wealth, and was, like the original Jews, dragged away by a white empire to be murdered, then recreated in the image of the wealthy.

We'll go into that, and the other anti-debt rebellions, more later. For now, take hope. When you face the monsters on television--the lying, child-murdering, disgustingly rich politicians--and when you face the mobs of squealing, violent, heartless fools who endorse them, do not be afraid. Do not feel alone. For you are not alone. The most powerful and enduring human social movements on this planet have since been corrupted into the service of financial torture and endless war, but they were created, and they will be re-created again, by the wellspring of goodness and freedom that Terra will produce until she passes into something else.

Cry for Terra.

Cry for the lost bonds of community. The endless farming partnership with the soil, the powerful graciousness to close kin, and the gentle consideration to distant kin.

Cry for the forgotten Jews. Cry for the besmirched souls, the rapespawn* child, the empty few, and the wayward many. Cry for the liars, the invaders, that they may learn our ways. Shame on ourselves for our cowardice, our concessions.

Cry for Terra.

* We had a term in Arka, once, one of the worst things you could say to someone, sort of like the impact cabrĂ³n still has in some places here: jiva-nos, which approximates as "rapespawn." You could make a case that "bastard" works just as well in English, but not anymore, really. Maybe a thousand years ago. Besides, there's a distinction. Jiva-nos carried far more of a curse, as it were, and it could be applied on a general level, such that the transgressions of purchasing or conquering a person was understood to spoil all the remaining line. You could call a single person that, or an entire country.

Anyway, more later.


  1. Dunno, Judaism was already beloved and firmly co-opted by the banksters by the time Jesus showed up, except their version of usury often had to do with the sacrifice requirements. Jesus essentially abolished the law of Moses, but even he was co-opted back into the machine. (Hence, "the beast that was fatally wounded, but the wound was healed" in "Revelation"...)
    The healthy instincts are already out there, but it is disheartening they don't get very far for long. If you are organized and in control of sufficient resources, it seems that you can battle any ideological threat, no matter how radical...

    1. I'm not saying these things survived to the majority (and/or sizable minority) in their original form and/or intent, but the mere fact that they partially appeared is heartening, to say the least. This, especially when compared to the elite's preferred modern outlook: "People have always been and always will be idiots."

      The fact that these things had to be co-opted shows what power and meaning they held, or else they could have been ignored as easily as less-functional dissent, like, say, weblogs. Something about the religions we'll glance at in this series was so powerful that it punched through the propaganda of the time, and had to be directly addressed and assimilated. That's heartening power; that's power to take note of, particularly if we want to keep the dream alive.

      The only idea that can exist to redeem any of this is that current sensory reality, and victories therein, are not the ultimate battlefield. Once you concede that, you've already lost to the hopeless materialists, so you might as well climb a water tower or get hired at Goldman Sachs.