Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On the Necessity of Trails

In Zen and the art of trail maintenance, Akino Kure writes:
For the past couple weeks I've been spending three to five hours most days on a project to restore an abandoned trail that my peers and I took for granted in middle and high school, but has since fallen into ruins...I've noticed how abandoned the woods have become for awhile, but now that I've started to try doing something about it, in a place that I knew well as a teenager, my mind struggles to comprehend how many areas need attention, and how effortless it used to be in the good old days when everybody pitched in here and there...Part of the cause is the status-striving and inequality trend. Government funding for trail maintenance and similar programs has dried up since that benefits ordinary middle-class white people...Trail creation and maintenance is rooted in transhumance pastoralism (not nomadic). Why don't Slavs, chinks, spics, and blacks seem to care about the very presence of trails through nature, let alone practice stewardship over them?

This looks like just some normal jerk, but there's a lot of good stuff in here.

Race Absorption as a Defense Against Racism

This particular guy isn't just a white guy who's also racist; rather, he's one of the malignant new mixed-race racists (like Theodore Beale) who are popping up in American society, or who are being cultivated deliberately by elite bloodlines. So you can't dismiss him as being (wholly) "white." The Buffett family is adding American Indian blood, the Bush family is adding Hispanic, and Obama's mother made the obviously-wise choice for future careering. These are strategic intergenerational moves on the part of elites, who want to ensure that, as formalized racism comes to a close, their own bloodlines will be able to claim immunity from racist policies by saying, "Oh, actually, my gramma was part black," as though that has anything to do with anything.

Everyone is mixed in some way, as most modern race-realists will concede in some fashion, but the eugenic race divisions propagated before the 20th century are being replaced, now, by the new generations of classificatory thinkers. Westerners can easily see this in Great Britain, where soldiers could, in the twentieth century, claim some manner of "Scots-Irish" or "Welsh" heritage in order to justify murdering and colonizing what was left of Ireland. It can also be seen in the persona of Halle Berry accepting awards for people of color, or Barack Obama killing more Africans than any other U.S. President, and overseeing more bald-faced policies of domestic oppression specifically targeted at minority communities (and even more specifically targeted at black ones), while being immune from criticism over it because he can claim to be black. The House of Saud and Israel also demonstrate this, as the cultural subsumption of Islam/Jewishness has allowed a bunch of white people to set up another forward base against Arabs and blacks.

This is race absorption at work: clever bloodlines intermarry in order to insulate themselves against charges of discrimination. This always happened in America. Surely, we've all encountered the guy who claimed to be (or actually was) 1/4 Cherokee, or whatever, and thought that it was, therefore, okay to insult his tribe, or other tribes, or "niggers," for being lazy, stupid, drunks, etc. Many Qing dynasty offshoots, in a variation of this practice, have made a deliberate effort to marry their daughters to "white" Americans, recognizing well, from their former brutalization of China, the ways that subtle ethnic claimstaking can make the nobility seem to be representative of the people.

What will make race absorption compellingly different in the 21st century will be the elites' co-opting of the practice, as elite bloodlines the world over make themselves as textbook-diverse as possible in order to, like China under the Zhou or Qing Dynasties, brutalize just about everyone without exposing the nobility as outsiders.

As you can see from reading the quoted text above, the racism they offer is the exact same racism as before--just as nasty, just as selective, just as wrong--but like when Obama militarizes Gaza or Missouri, the action is seen in a different light, because so many people have been conditioned by idiotic diversity stuff (paid for and disseminated by the same elites) to discern racism and group identity in only a certain way.

Non-elite minorities have been saying this for years. Religious Jews of some stripes have been complaining about being called "anti-Semites" for refusing to become political Zionists, and American blacks have been trying to point out, for decades, how their congressional and judicial representation has been handed out to a subset of wealthy, Anglo-centric sell-outs who act and vote as white as their all-white predecessors did a century ago. No real surprises, there; it's just the Property Party, and crabs in a bucket, and all that, can be thrown at any of the losers unwilling to throw their community under the bus the instant a job offer comes along.

White Guys and Nature

Isn't it worth a whole section just to reflect on how utterly, if horribly, hilarious it is, that a white person is complaining about how other races don't conserve nature very well?

Evolution and Racism

Another quote from Akino Kure's blog, supra:
Just to round out that thought, the Chinese are the worst at stealing, copying, pirating, etc.

What do they and the (non-southern) Slavs have in common? Not race, ethnicity, culture, language, or hardly anything else. It's being adapted to large-scale agriculture. That's also what drove both toward convergently evolving toward Communism, something that skipped over their Serbian and Tibetan neighbors.

This is the only place evolution by natural selection leads: it leads to the kind of racism we're seeing now. Not a racism based only on genes, but based on a limited scientific analysis of the behavioral patterns of certain genetic groupings. In this case, "large-scale agriculture" lends itself to more communal organization, which turns the Chinese into (that author's words) "drones" with a "hive mind." If that's how evolution works, then that's how people are formed, and that's how we can make valid group judgments about them. Either adopt that version of race realism and start collectively judging the world's races, or give up on the idea of randomized mutations--you can't have your cake and eat it, too.

Government Entitlement

One more funny one, and then this one'll get back to serious things. That blog's author happens to be about, like, freedom. He's sometimes capitalist, sometimes not, and sometimes other things. But he hates entitlement programs. So it's a wee bit hilarious that he's upset there isn't enough tax money spent on trail-making at national parks. Moving along...

On the Necessity of Trails

Akino Kure's main complaint here is that people aren't taking good enough care of trails. When he talks about trails, he means the kind of hiking or nature things that the welfare state (presumably his natural enemy) provides by having a bunch of guys in tiny green shorts blast railroad ties into various junctures. After all, it's not nature unless you've made sure that triathletes can safely ride their bike through it, and that Grandma, Grandpa, and the new puppy can make it up to the top as well.

But seriously, trail building is fun, just like some people find carpentry fun. People who actually like nature are often forced onto trails, whereas something more "genuinely" natural doesn't have trails, and you can just walk around in it. To employ the vernacular, skilled hikers don't need to mince around with their panties in a bunch just because some plants grew across the "trail," nor congratulate themselves for tearing the hell out of the wilderness so that their new North Face roll-downs don't get stuck up with leaves and other gross stuff.

That's the real value in his essay: its an exhibition of the way that "givens" control arguments. Presume that, in fact, non-Slavic white peoples are the only ones who care about trail maintenance. Maybe they're the only ones who care about the SEC and the DEA, too--but why do we need financial derivative markets, narcotics restrictions, or trails, in the first place? There go the white people, making something more natural by blasting a trail through it. And all of a sudden we have a trail, replete with bowling gutters, safety rails, and signs warning hikers to move aside for mule trains, and bikers to yield to both hikers and mule trains.

When we lay it out like that, it seems obvious. Yet, "trails" have become such a mainstay of national parks that people are apt to think hiking can't occur without them. Even further, people are apt to think "hiking" is some kind of actual thing, which is distinct from "traveling." E.g., "We went to see the waterfall" becomes "We hiked to see the waterfall." And suddenly, everyone knows what you're talking about--a special sort of traveling, where you put on boots with earthen shades, park the car in a lot, use the bathroom, dodge the Japanese family with the cameras, and follow a prearranged trail circuit to a place of Designated Beauty™ to take some photos. No exploring, no breaking boundaries, and packing out your water bottle completely removes any environmental impact, keeping the experience "natural" for the people who come after you.

Modern American hiking trails are the offshoot of God-King FDR's total warfare propaganda state, where legions of state employees in tiny green shorts prowl the protected wildlands, scraping raw sores into the hills (so that little Timmy won't slip when he's cross-hatching his way to the top of Local Peak), shooting predators to keep things in balance, and mortaring in steel posts with hundreds of disposable dog-shit baggies at ready, for the hiker who hikes with his best friend. What a twisted experience it all is, this fantasy that, somehow, we're experiencing a "less human" world by working our way through these manufactured trails, rather than ruining the natural beauty by letting people walk wherever they want (and fall to their deaths if they aren't that good with trails). The artificiality of state nature trails makes us feel that we're stepping back in time--a Jurassic Park, but one with guard rails and designated safety zones, so that we can experience the brutal past without having to experience the brutal past. It's quite similar to how idiots like Steven Pinker think that amazonian tribes living in 2015 C.E. are equivalent to primitive man living in 2015 B.C.E., just because they're naked and wearing makeshift armor. Hey, so are Vikings fans. Even when they're short and swarthy, though, modern wild-rainforest people aren't necessarily any more like ancient wild-rainforest people than they are like modern wild-city people. Space Mountain doesn't actually involve spaceships, and everyone without a smartphone isn't a window into your past.


  1. Parks are one of the things that convince me that the nation state overall is one big concentration camp. So big, it is somewhat difficult to notice.

    Bet's let's count the ways in which taking a trip to the national park is EXACTLY like being let out for a 30 minutes walk in prison:

    - You can't go, unless you demonstrate good behavior (i.e. obediently work long enough to get the vacation time and the money needed for the trip)

    - Once there, god help you if you park in the wrong place, bring your dog, or start a fire in an unapproved location. A man with a gun will show up to set you straight.

    - the pre-determined movements through 'trails', we already covered

    - once you leave the national park, God help you if you decide to camp in an area you noticed and liked outside of the area. If it is not designated for camping, you get shot (homeless guy in new mexico style...).

    - then you're back to your regular duties, until the next allotment of regimented nature-loving.

    - And then there is the crowd in the isolation cells, that is too poor and stressed out to give a fuck about white people's preoccupatioin with "nature" (and thousands of dollars worth of camping equipment)

    Fuck you all. I don't want your stupid national parks. I would indeed like to roam everywhere.

    (Still, if you ever make it to Texas, go to the Big Bend national park. If you want to go off trail, that's one of the good places to do so).

    1. That's a terriful analogy...I wish I'd thought of it. ;-)