Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Blog Game

Dour Blog Administrative Notice I

This is only an administrative notice of the Blog Game's parameters. It is not a blog post. Do not confuse the Blog Game's blog posts with the Blog Game's administrative notices. All Blog Game administrative notices will be marked as administrative notices.

The Blog Game will involve three blogs and one Blogosphere. The Blogosphere is the portion of the island immediately around the three blogs. The Blogosphere ends at the wall and at the ocean. Do not enter the ocean. Readers who enter the ocean will be at risk for being removed from the Blog Game. The blogs have been placed so that their stands are above high tide. All blogs can be read during play without requiring ocean access. Do not enter the ocean.

The Blog Game's three blogs will be the Upbeat Blog, the Dour Blog, and the Neutral Blog. Each blog is represented by a whiteboard. If you look to your left, you will see the Upbeat Blog. If you look to your right, you will see the Neutral Blog. Each reader will regain consciousness in front of the Dour Blog, and will have fifteen minutes total to read or write on all the blogs before time is up. When time is up, the Blogosphere must be empty. A warning beep will be emitted when five minutes are left. Another beep will be emitted when one minute is left. A third beep will be emitted when time is up. Any Reader remaining in the Blogosphere after the fifteen minutes is up will be at risk for being removed from the Blog Game.

Do not remain inside the wall after the third warning beep. If you remain you will be at risk for being removed from the Blog Game.

Do not attempt to erase any of the whiteboards until you have thoroughly read each blog post or administrative notice. Blog posts and/or administrative notices may include information vital to your survival. Do not attempt to Post until you are sure you have assimilated all information included on each blog. Do not--

Administrative Notice continued on Upbeat Blog.

Rubbing his head, Michael turned away from the neatly compressed writing at the bottom of the whiteboard.

Continued at The Blog Game blog.

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