Thursday, March 5, 2015

Party Divisions

There are plenty of better things to say about Netanyahu's little speech, but here's a take from the game of houses:

Why did Boner invite Netanyahu to speak without getting permission from Obama, and why did Netanyahu accept without Obama's permission when, in theory, he should act like imperial aid isn't guaranteed? My money's on the idea that the elites are planning to shift primary memetic support for Israel from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has always been racist, so in that sense, it jives well with Israel. But with the damn internet, all of these people are getting the vague sense that genocide is bad. As it becomes less and less plausible to claim bipartisan support for the Nazis, elites will need to create another false dichotomy inside their party system. And since Republicans are now more likely to be the open kind of dumb, racist, and violent, Israel and the Republican Party make a natural fit.

Pelosi accepted the alley-oop from Boner, exhibiting a brief lapse of total confidence in Netanyahu (by claiming the murderer had made her cry because he disrespected America, somehow), which would've been unthinkable for a prominent California Jewish Democrat in the twentieth century. It really looks like the parties are working together to massage growing public "sentiment" against Israel into a re-justification of the split between the two wings of the property party.

Think I'm crazy? Well, back in the 1980s, did you ever have an argument with a Democrat who felt that it was an utterly sacrosanct principle of law that the defendant never had to prove his innocence? And that the State always, always, every single time, had to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, or there could never, never, not even a single time, be a conviction? Well, they were saying that because they were viewing it in the context of 1980s African American assault convictions. Put a 2015 Democrat to the same question regarding "date rape," and they don't care at all about the presumption of innocence anymore.

So could it be with Israel. America's self-identified atheist Jewish persons are beginning to distance themselves ideologically from Israel now that the internet is causing a few people to realize that it's Indian Wars v. 2.0. In order to protect the colonial process from change, in twenty years, we could see the Democratic Party openly claiming to oppose Israel, and blaming its ongoing support for Israel as a consequence of Republican "stonewalling," or some other such bullshit, just like we now see the Democratic Party banning certain abortifacients, and blaming it on "religious sentiment," or see the Republican Party procuring millions of dollars for public education-related purposes, and blaming it on the Democrats.

Really, won't it be wild? It'll be just like a reverse of the switch they pulled for the "Civil Rights Movement," where suddenly the Democrats are now the racist bugbear, and the Republicans are claiming to be the party of progressive open-mindedness for supporting the Nazi minority. In sixty or seventy years, Fox News will be filled with pseudo-fascist Democrats instead of pseudo-fascist Republicans, and Republicans will be representing America's underdog Arab immigrant population, and even electing the occasional Muslim Governor or Representative.

Window dressing aside, they're going to do the same ol' same ol'; that much is certain. But it sure will feel weird if you're still around when they're pretending to hotly debate Israel between the parties. It'd be almost as surreal as watching the Democrats fight for the right to mandate corporate subsidies to insurance companies while the Republicans are fighting against such corporate subsidies. Totally out of this world!


  1. Wait, is this supposed to be foresight :)? is already all over the place with how awesome the real leader Bibi is, and how cowardly the democrats are etc.

    1. Heh, Republican support for genocide, particularly of swarthier folk, hasn't been in doubt since they began officially supporting Wilson's European war and its endless successors. The component of this that would be foresight is if the Democratic Party's official stance ever becomes anti-Israel, allowing it to peacefully absorb increasing levels of complacent dissent.