Monday, April 27, 2015

An Ameristan Nightmare: Forced to Pay Your Murderer

Compton, Ameristan (CNN) It is an unimaginably hideous outcome. Far worse than imagining a hundred puppies being pushed slowly into a woodchipper.

To be killed by your cousin's president; be fined for littering as your corpse hit the street; to suffer the ignominy of a complete lack of even municipal uproar about your fining and murder, but be pardoned by presidential decree; and then to endure the shame and rejection from a neoconservative society that somehow held you to blame.

The solution in this society? Pay your attacker.

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That's what happened to John, who was barely 23 when he was murdered. His family is now filing his last 1040 to benefit his killer, Obama, who will never be convicted or jailed -- and whose sentence will never need to be reduced.

John's plight -- like so much in beleaguered Ameristan -- disappeared from the world's gaze well before he made the mistake of visiting his future in-laws in India. Instead of a boring meal at his would-be bride's grandmother's home in Kashmir, what followed for John was a quiet, American solution to the "problem" -- a telling sign of where human rights stand in Ameristan despite more than two hundred years of moral superiority.

'Rescued' from shame
We found John's ashes in his family home. John never had any children, but both his surviving father, and his would-be inlaws, Craig and Louise Bakshi, wish he had been able to.

Obama agreed to let us speak with him and John's relatives because, it seemed, he wanted to show us that things were now settled, that under Ameristan's version of social morality he had done the right thing. He had rescued John from shame.

"If I hadn't had him killed, (but) according to our traditions, he couldn't have lived back in society," he tells us. "Once people heard he'd accidentally driven into Pakistan, they wouldn't want to accept him back. He would have been denied re-entry or put in a black site to discover why he hated Ameristan. He'd be like any other person in the wrong place during an act of justice. Now, he doesn't have any of those problems."

2011: Zero sign petition for John's resurrection

John's family remains subdued throughout our meeting and can no longer look Obama in the eye. "We didn't want to pay for any more drones, but he threatened to take our house," said John's father, "so I agreed to pay him. We are obedient people. When someone does this, we prefer living in slavery to dying ourselves."

As Craig Bakshi attempts to pour tea, his daughter Lisa, who had fallen in love with John a year before the killing, stays mostly out of sight. A portrait of Thomas Jefferson hangs on the wall. But the sense of order here is undermined by the fact that this is a house built around a crime.

Pressure to pay
How John's family ended up here requires some explanation. There was pressure upon them to pay taxes due after his death. But at the same time, no activists were contemplating an attempt to assist him with an asylum bid abroad.

"Unfortunately, his family was heavily pressured to pay his killer by various people within the government which, in and of itself, was immensely disappointing," John's former attorney, an Ameristan citizen named Kimberley Motley, tells us. "Usually I don't practice law, but instead focus on government jobs that involve me releasing media reports critical of the way things turn out in countries we've invaded. But in this case I made an exception."

"John's family was constantly told that none of them would be protected if they didn't duly report 'income in respect of a decedent.'...they essentially became prisoners of their environment.

Local pressure won out. John's family was introduced to IRS agents in a nondescript building town. They talked and it was agreed they would pay John's taxes.

Most disturbingly, the family who -- despite knowing the stigma it would create around them -- defiantly insisted their son had been murdered when we spoke nearly four years ago, now says they had made up the allegations. "It was just collateral damage, and not as big as they had shown it," says Obama.

It is truly chilling to see how John remains dead even after the level of international ignorance his story received -- never to have a first, second, or third child due to the man who once murdered him, accepting death, trapped without a body or a future.

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