Friday, May 8, 2015

Complaining about the Professionals

Heh's funny, you know, when the amateurs complain about the professionals.

I don't mean professional in terms of quality--just that all the loudest people to argue with on the internet are marketers who are using their positions to make money off click revenue. And here we are arguing with them as though they're genuine believers in their own positions. It's like having an argument with the Pillsbury Doughboy about whether or not you should have an extra serving of sweet rolls. Of course he thinks you should have another. Of course he has all sorts of hypocritical, abjectly ridiculous things to say about how his preserved sweet rolls are part of a healthy diet, and how they're just as good as homemade. Why the hell would you get mad at him? Like they say, fool me once, shame on...shame on fool me, you can't get fooled again.

If you were lured into the trap of believing that only the New York Times is full of bullshit like that, y'all betta rekunize how some of these people with 50,000 daily views can literally pay their rent by generating absurd viewpoints. Sure, they believe in them, but as Mannheim said, they'd change their tunes as swiftly as the river of dollars changed its flow. If Hillary had been born in a different multiverse, she'd be in a burka right now, sitting happily with her sister-wife Monica as they knitted new stockings for Imam Bill. Same fundamental evil, different costume.

I do my part to give back, though. Whenever someone has ads up, I open every ad in a new tab, then restart the browser when I'm done reading the original page.

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