Saturday, May 30, 2015

Does Jeb really need the money?

Did Jeb Bush really get paid by Apple to push the Apple Watch on the campaign trail? Highly unlikely; Apple wouldn't pay enough to move Jeb, nor would it want the bad press a Republican would generate among their target audience.

You could view Jeb as pushing a product, or, you could view him as making an apt statement about modern medicine.

...and it is an apt statement. The computer programs that most general practitioners use to diagnose people--in some cases, being accessed on their iPads, while in the room with a client, excuse me, patient--could easily be made available to the hordes of idiots without an M.D. on a subscription basis, and then a free basis (particularly if the crony capitalist government builds access fees into payroll taxes as a "medical benefit" for the citizenry).

And with that, the commoners would be 70-80% as good as the symptom-detailing doctors who doctor to them. can already do a fair job, even though the thing it's best at is causing educated people to snort in disgust and roll their eyes when they find out that some low-functioning moron actually tried to diagnose himself instead of making a $300 appointment to sit in a room for eight minutes with an austere person in a white coat who has slightly-less-modern information than the website did.

Triage nurses, with far less education than physicians, can usually diagnose patients pretty accurately. Ordinary citizens, with a one-semester course in basic diagnostics, and a professional-grade program on a "smart" watch, could easily attain an accuracy rate equivalent to, or greater than, the accuracy rate found at America's growing minimall "urgent care" offices. This would occur not necessarily because these sans culottes are smarter than the insurance company employees who are granted the rent-seeking mantle of the physician, but because the proles' inability to communicate full and accurate symptoms to doctors--whether because of a lack of time, verbal skills, or the presence of emotional insecurities that makes full disclosure embarrassing--would be offset by the fact that they were privately diagnosing themselves.

The only reason (most) physicians still exist as western professionals is in order to (1) artificially inflate the prices of licensed pharmaceuticals and (2) of time spent in licensed imaging machines, and to (3) add human-faced plausible deniability to the provisioning of unwanted but mandatory services "for your own good."

Jeb Bush is smart enough to know that, even if he was getting paid by Apple. Like Joe Biden and many Republicans, will his curse be occasionally being honest with people about how empty this place really is? God knows we can't handle that. The most likely explanation is that he is, like James Cameron and Chris Nolan, just another wealthy, powerful moron who nonetheless spends time gobbling GMO bread in the streets along with the rest of the masses. Omigod who is Romulus racing today??!

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