Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Calling the Grand Social Bluff

(Continuing about the not-actually-black girl thing...)

I hope more people manage to call this grand social bluff. Just think--if this woman had been an orphan, or if she'd paid off her parents...or constructed a fake childhood-in-the-cloud, replete with creative commons or photoshopped pictures...none of this would have happened.

At some point, wishfully political people of all races are going to have to confront the reality of their fantasy, and ask:

1) Which genes are required to qualify for special treatment as an "historical victim"?

2) Which genes are required to qualify for extractive treatment as an "historical oppressor"?

3) Can an individual be forced to take genetic tests in order to position itself in any given role?

4) Who gets to define the said genetic boundaries? Who gets to define the appearance-based boundaries (if any)?

5) If one meets the requisite genes/appearance standards, is one then immunized from accusations of "ism" should one engage in actions which adversely affect other qualifying members of that gene/appearance set?

Caitlyn Jenner can use the women's restroom (we know that already), but can she stay at the domestic violence shelter? Does she get alimony and reduced sentences and presumption of child custody? Can she hit a girl first, then call the counterstrike aggression and get the other combatant instantly arrested with a presumption of guilt and the lack of right to challenge Caitlyn in court?

A hundred years from now, will everyone who complained about this black professor be obviously "on the wrong side of history," presumed to be roughly the same as the Ku Klux Klan?

The surgical singularity cometh. What sorts of rules will we establish for identity?

California Revised Statutes §§ 14011-12. Before qualifying for any benefits awarded under this section, a citizen must have been living as a member of the beneficiary class for no less than one week's time. "One week" herein shall be a period of 7 days, holidays inclusive.

§ 14019. A citizen shall be deemed to have been living as a member of the beneficiary class during any time period in which the § 14018 Affidavit has been filed indicating, via affirmation of retroactive mental status, that the citizen affirmatively believed said citizen was living as a member of the beneficiary class during such time period.

§ 14175. During any term set hereunder, a citizen shall not qualify as a member of more than three (3) beneficiary classes unless that citizen has also filed a § 14106 Affidavit claiming multiple-identity status at any actual or theoretical point in time.

§§ 14908-09. The penalties for verbally or in writing or otherwise denying a citizen's status so claimed under this Act shall be no less than six (6) months in a correctional facility. The punitive sections of this Act shall not apply to licensed comedians as defined in §§ 14554-58.


If her parents had lied, or had already expatriated, or died of cancer, or refused to talk to the press...if she'd produced pictures of a black childhood...everything would be the way it had been before you knew she existed. What inconvenient little facts.

Put the shoe on the other foot. How do you know she's not lying now, rather than lying earlier? How bad would you feel if this turned out to be an NAACP ruse to see if they could get millions of people to crucify a black woman by producing a pair of actors who claimed they were her parents, and that she was "white" as a child?

Maybe the real photoshopped pictures are the ones of the freckled white girl. Who do you believe--the two white "parents" who claim Rachel Dolezal was a white girl? Or Rachel Dolezal, the black woman? Well, it's not that simple. Do you believe the people who say that Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States? How trustworthy are the birth certificates that have or haven't been produced? Do they matter? Why do you get to decide that they matter? Do you trust the corporate media to accurately communicate to you the significance and genuineness of whatever documents have or haven't been produced?

Then why do the pictures and the stories matter? How bad would you feel if she really was black?

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