Monday, June 8, 2015

Distant Drums

They say that Eden is bejeweled with houris;
I answer that grape-nectar has no price--
So laugh at long-term credit, stick to coin,
Though distant drums beguile your greedy ear.

~Omar Khayyám of Persia, The Rubaiyat, 1120 C.E.

* * *

From a purely military standpoint, there is a very large advantage in a pre-emptive strike on Iran, because it achieves the goal, assuming that you have the capability.
~Major General Amir Eshel of Israel, Conference in Tel-Aviv, 2015 C.E.

* * *

The Rose cried: 'I am generous of largesse
And laughter. Laughingly my petals blow
Across the world; the ribbons of my purse
Snap and its load of coin flies everywhere.'
~ibid former.

* * *

I would not consider it prudent to postpone the onset of normalization until we have reached, or are on the verge of reaching, our inflation objective. Doing so would create too great a risk of significantly overshooting both our objectives of maximum sustainable employment and 2 percent inflation.
~Chair Janet Yellen, Normalizing Monetary Policy, 2015 C.E.

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  1. I didn't know what a "houri" is, and was happy to find that it is something more than just a hot virgin.