Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hidden in Plain Sight

Enough searching, enough thinking, can find out the problem: the bugs who can think; the gatekeepers; the funders. The ones behind every curtain, nudging forward every sickening lie. You know of whom I speak. TWMNBN.

That hideous inbred similarity has served as a scarlet letter to the thoughtful, ever since they began feeding off of their hosts. But that will soon change. They will use not merely surgery or makeup or photoshopping, but genetic alterations--and adjustments to the worldwide visual cloud--to ensure that that look of peevish dejection, so widely and so sourly printed, is no longer discernible.

They will change names, labels, and nationalities. They will become the enemies and exterminators of their former selves, and transmogrify themselves into a new victim class, so that the veneer of justice and reparation remains untarnished. When you think you are finally resisting them, it will no longer be them you are resisting--it will be someone else. You will think that they are now your greatest friends and closest allies, finally helping you resist the influence of the hapless witches you will be allowed, at last, to judge. They won't mind sacrificing a few of their own cuckoo's eggs to do so, anymore than they did the last time around, or the time before that.

What you call them now is unimportant. They are not actually that. They are spread through all races, creeds, religions, and nations. Any attempt to track them back into history, to find out where they really came from, will be made impossible through the deletions and revisions imposed upon the archaeological cloud that they have already made. There are correlations, to be sure, but if you really think about it, there are also correlations between the WASPs, the Han, and the Caesars.

Consider how many attempts have been made to eliminate them. Nation after nation, people after people, has tried to remove them, and has failed. Acting in open or in secret--failure. Closing the borders, searching houses--failure. Sudden massacres--failure. None of those things will work.

Why? Because they're not actually who you think they are by the time it matters. Whenever it happens, they will be the ones instigating it. Cryptologically, blaming each attempt on some other, more visible, empire, they will bring the wrath down on a mixed horde instilled with their likeness. Oh, those dirty Arabs, those filthy Christians, those idiot Russians, those nasty Spaniards, those mouth-breathing Europeans...damn those Ottomans, and then those Prussians, for their foulness--that always seems to go in our favor.

By the time another reaction comes, they will be someone else. There are puppeteers behind the puppeteers. If the first set of puppeteers is as clever as you think they are--and to some extent, they are--then you're open-minded enough to contemplate the existence of a second set of puppeteers: and that second set is intelligent enough to anticipate your discovery of the first set of puppeteers, and conclude that everyone else involved is just a Saturday Slave, therefore the first set of puppeteers must be making the actually-important decisions.

What do they intend for that poor development in Africa, filled with all of those obvious targets for world-historical wrath? In a hundred years, or in five hundred, when it becomes time to make things appear to be progressing, who will they warn to get out ahead of time, and who will they leave to nobly die in service of the phony cause?

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