Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fortitude’s Commandments, following up on True Detective

I’m only halfway through the 2014 Britzion Sky series Fortitude, but the list of messages that the narrative was designed to instill were interesting enough to record. This particular production appears to have been designed by the same forces who produced True Detective, as many of the messages overlap.

While reviewing them, take note: identifying the messages that this narrative is spreading does not mean that High Arka endorses the messages, doesn’t endorse the messages, or otherwise. It just means that these are the messages the series was crafted to disseminate.

What does Fortitude want to show about the world? Here’s the list:

When women are fat, they are fat because manipulative men have made them fat over the women’s objections. Women do not enjoy eating high-calorie foods, while men try to force women to eat high-calorie foods.

Small communities that appear peaceful are faking it. Humans are inherently terrible, so any small community that appears peaceful is only disguising creepy religious mass murders. High density urban and suburban developments with more immigrants are much safer. People who can’t cope in the real world move to small towns or rural areas, proving their inferiority.

White European women are very attracted to Black African immigrants to Europe, and are disgusted by White European men, who lust futilely after them.

Black African immigrants to Europe are peaceful, hard-working, intelligent, and well-educated.

White European men are lazy, greedy, and prone to alcohol abuse. White European men falsely advertise themselves as working, while the real work is done by Black African immigrants.

White European men are bitter when their female partners are wealthy and successful, and they cannot deal with the crushing shame of having a caring wife who makes a lot of money.

White European women who don’t lust after Black African immigrants are bitter, impotent, manipulative harpies, and their male partners prefer the sexual company of Black African female immigrants.

White European men are prone to committing envious acts of violence against innocent Black African immigrants to Europe.

White European men have only had success in the past because of fossil fuels. They have not invented anything or done anything of substance other than exploit fossil fuels, and without fossil fuels, they face utter economic ruin and the inability to provide for women, which makes them angry as they realize their worthlessness.

When White European women commit acts of violence, they have been manipulated into doing so by white European men.

When the children of Black African immigrants to Europe commit acts of violence against White Europeans, it is not their fault. Actually, they have been forced to do so by evil, brainwashing White European men, who are ultimately responsible for the resulting violence.

White European men are bitter, jealous, worthless, lazy, impotent alcoholics, who try to make up for their worthlessness by stealing money, hurting Black African immigrants, drinking, and manipulating Black African immigrants into committing violence that will make it falsely appear that Black African immigrants to Europe are more violent than White European natives. White European men are outdated genetic trash and should give up their women to superior Black African immigrants.

Update: as I go to the three-quarter point in the series, I’ve also learned:

White people with guns, especially worthless senior citizens, are idiots who accidentally shoot themselves and should have their guns taken away.

Continued in Demons With Glasses.


  1. Uncontrolled migration from The South to The North is one of the mainstays of the current world crisis, and it will get much worse, so you gotta prepare the psyches of the white euro-trash to accept it. So the ministry of truth is hard at work

  2. So you're saying TV programs are written by progressives with historical and factual revision in mind?

    It might be worth your time to review the programming offered by Netflix and ponder over what the programmers are trying to sell to Netflix viewers, ideology-wise. Lots of reminders about Islamic murderousness, Christian intolerance, womanly heroism, straight male idiocy and violence, Israel's nobility, and the fact that the Future will remedy all these ugly facets of present day humanity.

    But maybe I'm just paranoid and Netflix has no agenda other than increased viewership, and its programmers have no ideology whatever.

    1. Hey, I'm not advocating anything, here--I'm just saying that those are the messages the show was designed to present.

    2. Me neither -- I am not an advocate of advocacy, and the first sentence of my prior comment was just sarcasm of the most menial kind.