Friday, August 21, 2015

Priceless Americana

On a recent excavation, this one discovered a priceless piece of 21st century history. The act of sharing it is trite and silly, akin to a SWPL update, a profile-picture change, or sharing a video of some guy break-dancing in Little Rock; nonetheless, the find was so well-scripted, so common, and yet so unexpectedly rare in its iconic expressiveness, that I've chosen to post it here.

The story is, I bought a used book on ebay, and halfway through the book, this little three-by-five index card fell out. Presumably, it had enjoyed a former life as someone's bookmark subsequent to its serving as a weekend reminder. It's funny in its own way, but not so funny that it would've been worth planting in a used book you were planning to sell, perhaps in hopes of enjoying the quiet, unknown pleasures of imagining that someone else would discover it if they'd actually bought the book to read. Rather, it's funny in its mundanity; its innocence; its brutal honesty. It so delighted me when its discovery interrupted my reading that, like a fool, I scanned it for archival purposes. You know--for the benefit of future archaeologists, who will have plenty of electronic social originals to study, but who might have a shortage of actual paper records. This find can help them verify that, in 2013 (the most recent year to which the note's month and day correlate), some youngish, whitish peoples were still using handwritten forms of record-keeping.

Without further ado or analysis:


  1. It's Jimmy Gatz.

  2. Nice, but we also need to know which book was this inside of!

    1. Ed Brubaker's "Criminal." It's like a B-movie made into a comic book.

  3. I had a brief phase like that in college (not as horribly bad). It lasted about two months, until I realized fuck this bullshit and there is nothing wrong with me.