Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A small slice of the missing trillions

The question is not, "Does USG engage in child pornography because it stores child porn and uses the stored porn to entrap pedos?" Rather, the question is, "Does USG engage in child pornography because it stores child porn, assists Red Wa, Chao Pho, Dubai and Saud, the Sinaloa and Juarez cartels, and the Northern Alliance, et. al., in maintaining an offsite network of rape, slaving, and picture-swapping, while coordinating its own public laws, moral statements, and selective financial enforcement in order to ensure that its underworld partners will maintain their monopoly on the flesh trade?"

In Japan, the Yakuza took well to the western model after the WW2 Reconstruction, learning how to use "intellectual property" and "obscenity" statutes to nudge prostitution and pornography into a gray area of partially-monitored legality, where public opinion is guided into approving and disapproving of certain arbitrary guidelines so that a black market, with its corresponding profit margins, can develop--in the modern Japanese case, primarily in mere uncensored imagery. Everyone knows that, but that's just pictures--when it comes to actual rape, chattel concubinage, erotic mutilation, and snuff, the process works the same way: private wealth installs executives, legislators, judges, and journalists who establish the obviousness and reasonableness of social boundaries, and the plausibility of police investigations, then selectively enforce to permit only partnered underworld elements to operate.

When you hear people complain about the Fed, you tend to think, "Oh, yeah, it's terrible how they manipulate stock markets and currencies and stuff, but, like, Wall Street is this really consumerist thing, and that sorta stuff is always so shady anyway, so I'll just invest in local bonds." If you can focus long enough to realize how the financial and legal warlocks drive war, you can start to realize how truly demonic the Fed, the Supreme Court, etc., really are. All those dead bodies, right? Sure, it's horrible when NATO rubs out another room full of sleeping two-year-olds, but war is war and life isn't perfect. We've long learned to assimilate that stuff and continue paying our VAT.

You need to make your perspective on things still more visceral than that. The careful shepherding of criminal subcontractors; the nurturing of public awareness of permissible issues and non-issues; the elaborate maintenance of a worldwide network of intellectual property, street-level police "priorities," the forming or non-forming of legislative committees, the decisions to seek out and hear cases, foster or neglect careers; the delicate imposition of selective enforcement across banks, companies, and individuals: these are the things they do that put not just exploding drones into Afghan cribs, but tourist cocks into child orifices. Janet Yellen, Barack Obama, Ruth Ginsburg, and all their somber, responsible buddies are not mere murderers or bagmen. They're not the banal kind of capos who arrange for a "hit," but rather, the far worse kind, clad in blood-spattered black robes, chanting curses in Ancient Aramaic as they bring about the worst sorts of things you can imagine. (You may not care about what America's "Planned Parenthood" does to fetuses, but perhaps the thought of those same things being done to five-year-olds--screwing, dicing, and slicing, for profit--can help better illuminate for you the legal and financial systems here at play.)

Granted, it's certainly possible that they're mere gullible idiots who know not what they do. It's possible that Janet Yellen just doesn't understand where the money went, or how banks and economies work. It's possible that Ruth Ginsburg doesn't have the authority to speak out on important issues and guide millions of people to expose corruption at the highest levels. It's possible that Obama's hands are tied by his deep and abiding respect for the inviolable privacy of American citizens and foreign nationals.

Or maybe they simply don't have the resources, the platforms, the access that they would need to figure these awful problems out and do something about them.

(Really, people. How did you think it was all happening?)


  1. Too conspiracy minded, I tell you, as I sip my shade-grown water-process-decaf non-fat-skimmed-from-raw-milk latte. No TED Lecture, no believe.

  2. Also, Netflix has a whole cluster of movies that tell me who is to blame here, and it's filthy criminal overlords who procure, maim, torture, etc. their enslaved minions for the use of an almost entirely blue-collar or unemployed-and-addicted-to-crack clientele who are busy committing many other crimes (more in a day than Blankfein committed in a lifetime) when not using the services of disturbed psychotic criminal masterminds of the sex trade.

    Case in point: Only God Forgives (2013, NW Refn)