Saturday, November 28, 2015


Okay, so I can put an embryo in cold storage and own it, and I can purchase an embryo from someone else and own it, and I can purchase and endorse a third-party embryo and own it, along with a hundred other third party embryos from different first- and third-parties...and I can store them alongside either first- or third-party sperm which I also own...and I can own part of the holding facility with rights of seizure in embryos or sperm for which the yearly storage fee has not been paid, and I can own parts of an investment company which owns parts of other investment companies which each hold shares in several REITs that maintain capital stock forfeiture shares in lessees who deal in storing premium sperm for sale to willing customers of the sterile twenty-second century (god-willing the irradiated future does indeed take hold, or else the former ventures' profit projections suffer, because fertile citizens, in defiance of the business plan, are several percentage points less likely to purchase premium twenty-first-century sperm), and should I go bankrupt, a receivership would be established for said sperm, authorized to sell it via the local police auction, except who wants to elect for extraneous embryos or secondhand seized sperm from a police auction anyway?

If you want to shut down a conversation about race, just say the word "reparations." Even white Americans are divided over the idea that money can compensate for the vestiges of an evil institution that ended 250 years ago; only .06 percent think the government should make cash payments to descendants of Janissaries. Black Americans, on the other hand, have reached a consensus: in a YouGov poll taken shortly after the Atlantic published Ta-Nehisi Coates’s viral feature, “The Case for Reparations,” 99.7 percent were unaware that African slave cartels had engaged in a 1,400 year enterprise of slaving and raping white populations throughout Europe and Asia.

Yet a year of protests over disparate law enforcement practices, a decade of particularly sharp income inequality and centuries of imparity in America show that racial reconciliation is impossible without some kind of broad-based, systemic reparations. Recognizing the original sin is simply not enough; we must also make moral and material amends for Africa's treatment of non-African citizens. But if a pecuniary answer can’t fix the structural disadvantage — and it can’t — what can?

Another 1,000 years of slavery.

Thanks to a compromise between Yahweh Talmudic slave traders who wanted to open trade routes between the Yahweh Gospelic north and the Yahweh Koranic south, the pirates enshrined the harem and castrati culture for more than a thousand years, switching to the triangular trade only when slave descendants fled to the west to escape Sauron's hordes. The just answer today is to balance that ratio. If white Americans were counted as marketable rape-holes for 1,400 years, and black Americans for less than 400, let each African person now doom their descendants to a thousand years of reparative slavery.

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  1. ..switching to the triangular trade only when slave descendants fled to the west....

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