Sunday, November 15, 2015

Harry Potter and the Paris Attacks

Through sheer accident, Harry Potter occasionally flirts with social criticism. It smacks of the standard Freudian racism that infected the West many years ago: Harry is brought up by suburban white trash, who are stereotypically Anglo-Saxon in their mockingly presented attempts at family formation and community building. These suburban archetypes--New York and London's preferred new racist insult for the "provincials" or "hicks" who don't work in high finance--are held up for a series of scathing insults with each new installment, showing how disgusting it is when people dare attempt to maintain stable civilizations.

A deliberate attempt at cultural critique on Rowling™'s part? Or simply a reissuance of the British boarding school story; an attempt at crafting a kindler, gentler, un-Dickensian Dickensianism with which the coddled low-vocabulary, anti-bullying reader of the century's turn can better identify? Most likely the latter, for Harry Potter's voluminous dreck reeks far more of the copyist's enthusiasm for hyperexpanded tropes for their own sake than it does of the trim brutality of the effective cultural narrator. In her writing, Rowling™ is far too obtuse and misdirected for Herzl to have accepted her application for fifth-column status. She may have qualified for producing the literary equivalent of professional sports, e.g., bread and circuses for no sake but their own, however, even in this illiterate age, she could never have filled the shoes of a Boas or a Rand.

When it comes to serious stuff, Rowling™ was all over the place. The ammunition simply isn't there. Yes, Hogwarts is presented as a multicultural "safe space," and shown in contrast to Harry's untermensch adoptive family. Hogwarts gives full scholarships to its students, including room and board, in contrast to the lesser-raced White scum who raised Harry from infancy. You can tell how selfish and status-obsessed this family was, since, in true First World Problems fashion, they fed and housed and clothed and schooled Harry while still making it clear that they loved their natural child more, and not even giving Harry his very own bedroom. Unless you're a five-year-old (or a wealthy Western woman) who feels entitled to gobble up every natural resource you can see, Harry's material situation is not poverty. From a nation that once lamented Oliver Twist's starvation in the snowy outdoors, the crocodile tears for "poor Harry," who was forced to use Dudley's old Playstation, were quite indicative.

Hogwarts, though, is no liberal arts university committed to the stateless individual: the Sorting Hat can determine the inner qualities of a person at first glance; the students are sorted into "houses" and encouraged to be loyal to them to the detriment of other houses; even more so, the students protect their British wizardry traditions against traditions of other highly ethnicized schools. The full ride Hogwarts provides to its students is, moreover, contingent upon inborn magical ability: it feeds and houses no orphans, employs domestic slaves based on race (the house elves), and offers no race-based scholarships or anti-rape programs.

In short, Rowling™ didn't get the memo. After all her books were out, she desperately wished she had, and now spends some of her time trying to prove her multicult cred. Like NFL stars forced to address old rape allegations, the modern nouveau riche white woman is forced to address her lack of adequate posturizing in her past. The directors of the movies managed to slip some transgenderism into Harry's character, while in the books themselves, the best that Rowling could manage was vaguely non-prejudical messages like, "Wizards don't have to have parents who were wizards." This, when presented alongside the Sorting Hat, and the obvious selfish glee of having Harry's parents have left him a fat inheritance, did not permit her to be of much utility in further battering down western culture. She was a symptom, but not a fresh infection; she was a Transformers, but not a The Prison Notebooks.

This very tendency, though, is so quintessentially European--or, dare we say, so quintessentially White--that it bears revisiting. The lack of coherence in Potter's world telegraphs similar broken functionality at any point in twenty-first century Europe, Saturday's attacks included. What does the biggest literary sensation of Europe in this century have to teach us about the latest shots and bombs? Nothing. The real world is too nuanced, too detailed, and too, well, real, to find its parable in the emptiness of Hogwarts' environs. Are the attackers comparable to Lord Voldemort (the big villain in the Potter series)? No, because Voldemort was an almost-all-powerful mastermind. Are they like the Death Eaters (Rowling™'s uncool name for Voldemort's followers)? No, no, a thousand times no--the Death Eaters were comprised by turncoats from within the wizard-community's oldest and most noble institutions. Moreover, they put themselves on the line, personally, in battles, just as did Lord Voldemort.

The status of so many of the Potter-villains as established, wealthy, race-conscious White Europeans who killed their own people to maintain wizard-purity, would make one wonder if Rowling™ was trying to push some kind of diversity narrative...but then you're right back to the Sorting Hat. And the fact that all of the important characters the entire book through are white, with the tiny exception of Harry's one sexual fling with an academically-overachieving Asian female before he settles down with a white girl to marry and have children...well, Rowling™ just wasn't on the ball, there. She wishes she was. Oh, how desperately she wishes that she could go back and have Dumbledore be out of the closet, sit at the teachers' table with his life-partner, and that Lupin could've confessed his transsexuality to Hermione, and that Ron had been a black friend instead of a redheaded one, and that the Dursleys had made dinner-table-conversation against race-mixing. She had her chance in the spotlight, and damn it if she didn't miss her chance to become more popular and more relevant by being able to look into the future and determine what would be coolest then.

So, who the hell are the Paris attackers represented by? Are they the Dementors? No, because the Dementors are inhuman, otherworldly beings, unable to think intelligently, pass as human, influence human policy, etc. In fact, the entire Potter world is useless as literature for exactly that reason: it is unable to discern or convey human truths, which is very much Paris' problem right now. Hollande says he will pursue the attackers "without pity," but it was France's pitiless, baby-crushing colonialism that helped the attackers feel justified in returning the favor, but, we all know that the crusades only happened because Europe was defending itself. But Alexander was even before that, so all the memes justifying the crusades are one iteration of violence too late--equally as stupid, in their own way, as the shitlib successor memes that try to pretend history began with the crusades, rather than the many Muslim invasions of, say, Vienna.

Was Alexander justified, though? After Egypt's moneychangers destroyed the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom, replacing them with those who couldn't build Detroit or pyramids, and began expanding across Arabia, was Alexander's first crusade a justified defense of the continent? Maybe so. Without the influence of the Chosen, there's no way the Bedouin and the Bedouin half-breeds would've ever been able to cross the Mediterranean, let alone acquire flintlocks. Alexander may have foreseen the coming destruction. And again, there's no metaphor in Potter.

In the disorganized confusion of it all, though, we can glean a prophetic vision of the ideal goy. The white nationalists are out in force again, following the lead of openly racist Kehilla officials, who love it when the stupid, vanishingly ignorant, memory-less white idiots get all excited about the Muslims who carried it out, and about how that particular religion is expansionist and opposed to, say, the one that spent the past century barraging Europe and Africa with new borders, new wars, new weapons sales, loans to all parties involved, and new immigration laws designed to bring everything to fruition in singular war-prompting moments like these.

Damn those Serbian nationalists! How dare they assassinate the Archduke all by themselves with absolutely no outside help or motivation or education or encouragement whatsoever! Well, a few wars with the perpetrators' people will surely clear things up in less than a hundred years.

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