Saturday, November 21, 2015

Whites like Transformers

Police have no leads yet in last week's murder of a 12-weeks-pregnant black woman in Indianapolis. The woman's husband, a pastor, was out of the house when an unknown white male suspect broke in, raped the wife and mother, then shot her in the head. Luckily, the couple's young son, who was in the house during the rape, was not executed by the killer. Unfortunately, white families and individuals in the area are keeping quiet about the murder, refusing to talk to the police due to a culture of white supremacy that encourages white people to not turn each other in when it is merely a negro who has been murdered. After days of constant and strenuous investigation, black police officers have been able to get a sketchy description of a "short-statured suspect" of "European origin," but no one else in the community is willing to snitch on a fellow Aryan...

...reverse the races, obviously. Just another Kissinger-esque moment in Crow America.

The interesting point here isn't another satirical juxtaposition. Those have been glaringly obvious topics for Franklin's preferred method of deconstruction since well before Napoleon's financiers decided to set up shop in New York. Whenever some white guy gets shot for being aggressive with the police (even if the police are black), the corporate media doesn't make him a household name, anymore than they do when some black guy gets shot over a pair of sneakers, or some Mexican guy rapes a white twelve-year-old and leaves her body in the desert. Who cares? It's only interesting when man bites dog, and that's such a comparatively rare story that you have to run with it even when the man only bit the dog after the dog bit the man.

No, the interesting point here is the cultural conditioning aspect. Statistics show us that Afros are exorbitantly more violent than Euros, however, these are not clean samples we're working with: we're working with two sets of populations, one which has been acculturated to act in a docile fashion, the other in a violent one. Financiers conditioned the Euro sample to act as dutiful wealth-producers, while conditioning the Afro sample to act as vengeful wealth-destroyers. When we're considering race realism, then, we can't conclude that Africans are naturally more violent: the sample has been tainted by over a hundred years of Django Unchained-ish propaganda. Similarly, we can't conclude that Europeans are naturally less violent: the sample has been tainted by over a hundred years of, say, #toomuchsoy.

Don't believe that conditioning works? Well, how many people would pay $11.50 for a ticket to Transformers VI in an objective world lacking social conditioning? Correspondingly, it's rational to conclude that the financial class could eliminate Afro violence as easily as they have fostered Euro nihilism. The canvas, the printed word, the stage, the theater--all had to be subverted in order to destroy and reshape Euro culture, but also to destroy and reshape Afro culture. Abrams replaces Bergman to give bread and circuses to more than the suburban tax farms; he also is part of a less subtle culture of production designed to break 'em off some. "I don't love them so them can't love me."

Wouldn't that be a wonderful conclusion, if it were true? The idea that, absent the creditor-priests, all of Sol's children could actually live in something approximating the technologically progressive equalist utopia that the genocidal Talmudists are now using neoreaction to stifle? We've never had a chance to be together--not really.

It was the crypto "Arab" viziers, the crypto "Portuguese" slave traders, and the crypto "Dutch" India companies that brought us all together in the first place, remember? We don't know how well we would've gotten along, or how differently our cultures would've achieved things, if not for the financial and genomic counter-imperialisms in our first meetings, as well as all of those subsequent.


  1. Optimus Sub-Prime LendingNovember 24, 2015 at 2:17 PM

    Definition Q:

    Like: appreciate, enjoy, etc.

    Like: similar, as another, etc.

    Whites Like Transformers

    Which is it? Both?

    1. It is now. You've turned an afterthought into something profound.

  2. This is a beautifully written piece: "Crow America," "you have to run with it even when the man only bit the dog after the dog bit the man," "the sample has been tainted by over a hundred years of, say, #toomuchsoy," etc.

    I have nothing substantive or even intelligent to add, just wanted to say I'm in awe.

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    2. Yeah, I've been binge reading this entire blog since yesterday... I'm in awe (and love) with this woman's mind. Absolutely brilliant stuff.