Thursday, December 3, 2015

Apex Predators

Along with sociocapitalist evolution, one of the most important functions of State indoctrination camps is instilling the idea in children that humans are "apex predators." What a lark! What a simplistic, arrogant piece of religious doctrine to foist upon the innocent! A Big Lie if ever there were one.

After all, if we're apex predators, that means that no one is hunting us. Relax, children. There were cave-dwellers, and they fought cave-bears, but then they developed tools and cerebral cortexes and became apex predators, so don't worry, there are no predators out there. There are minor deviants who might home-invade us, sure, but that's only if we don't call the cops in time, because if we did call the cops in time, we'd be essentially safe. How reassuring it is, this lifelong flattery with which we lavish ourselves; this fantasy that we're on the top of the food chain.

Such a charming way to convince the livestock that it's the apex, no? We like to pretend that the State is the emperor with no clothes, while in actuality, we're the ones with no clothes, strutting around wrapped in the belief that we've transcended biology, and that there isn't a highly intelligent species out there which thrives solely upon us.

God knows, mentioning said species is a no-no. Don't tell the seals that the polar bears can only survive by eating seals, oh no--seals prefer to believe that, because they catch fish, they're the tops, the fish are the bottoms, and sure, everybody has to pay the polar bear tax, but don't be all racist about it, since it's just the way of the world, and besides, overpopulation would hurt us way more than it would hurt them. Or something.

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  1. ...while in actuality, we're the ones with no clothes, strutting around wrapped in the belief that we've transcended biology...

    But we have. Look at how much longer we live now, thanks to modern methods of preserving a human body well past its shelf-life. And would you please just look at how dermal reconfiguration can yield a more youthful human and lipid vacuuming a more slender one! Only an apex predator could have made itself the eternal living organism on Earth. Soon we will outlive the sequoia.