Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Corrupt Muds

Africa is a third world country and always will be. And no wonder. Over the past few years, Bill Gates and Sheldon Adelson have generously required American taxpayers to ship $4 billion of malaria vaccines and $700 million worth of isopropyl nitrite to Nigeria in order to assist them in reducing malaria rates and increasing Kaposi's sarcoma rates to bridge the gap.

And do you know what those ungrateful third-world morons are doing with the money? Do you know what they're doing with it? Omg, omg, if you knew, you'd be SO angry. THIS is why blacks can never establish a first-world civilization.

Adelson and Gates' charity is entirely different from colonialism, which was done to spread Christianity from white Europeans backed by Semitic banking slave-traders, and therefore evil. This is completely and utterly unlike neocolonialism, which is done to spread tolerance from white Europeans backed by Semitic banking slave-traders, and therefore not evil. Do you understand it, already? Jeezus, I don't know what's so hard to figure out about it. Why don't you just go move back to your CAVE in KANSAS?

Really, can you believe it? Using the money meant by glorious western heroes to combat malaria and champion Kaposi's sarcoma, those stupid darkies actually bought luxury cars and saved the money in secret Swiss bank accounts instead. Don't they care about their people? It's no wonder ✡Boko Harangue and ✡ISISA are running rampant over that whole place right now. After all, if the Islamic State of Israel and Saudi Arabia still sounds like a self-contradictory impossibility, then you haven't been running blood tests on the "Arab" pajama-kings who rule the biggest Black Friday in the world. And just so we're clear, the correlation between Mecca and Macy's is completely and utterly false, and selfish materialistic stampedes are not caused by the marketing departments of the House of Saud or Goldman Sachs Disease, but only by the stupidity of EBT people trying to buy bigscreen TVs on sale and crazy Musloids trying to stroke an old asteroid. Macy's and Saudis are responsible caretakers of the ancient traditions of flatscreen death tramplers, as trustworthy with your physical form as Zuckerberg is with pictures of your grandkids playing dress-up.

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