Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lousy Queers

The Weimar Republic provides ample learning opportunities, naturally, but Earth's current resistance, such as it is, continues to miss one of the main points, namely, bankers' exploitation of artificial deviance in the service of division and conquest. More specifically, we do not rebuild the family by attacking fags; the troubles caused by the fags, however glaring and smarting they may be or seem to be, are no more authentically derived than the troubles caused by the insert-variable-here lives matter hordes, or the prozio antifa murder-squads, which are being groomed to staff resurgent Chekas licensed to operate in all territories subject to the Mexi-Euberia Government of the 21st century's global north.

Forget not that, in the 1920s and early 1930s, the bankers in the occupied territories were, both subtly and overtly, pushing the message that homos were responsible for society's ills. The Weimar occupation bankers' press blamed the loss of the Great War on misguided virility, scapegoating German ass-fuckers for the problems caused by international trade. Which is to say, in the blandest prose possible, banker newspapers of the time were extremely homophobic. Through their printing presses, their movie screens, and their carefully scripted debates of protest, their cunningly placed "dissidents" and "revolutionaries"--the "correspondents" of today--guiding public opinion against LGBTQPZ~ people, encouraging said alphabet soup to be considered one of the major problems of the age.

This anti-homo cultural movement was so bigoted and sexist and transphobic and heteronormative and cissexist and even violent that the closest parallel to their behavior is found in the way the neoreactionary movement right now is responding to sexuality. Almost exactly like it, in fact. Eerily like it. Mysteriously like it. So weirdly paralleled in their anti-anal-sex perspectives that you could swear it was coming from the same source as before. Culture of Transcendence, natch. Once again, like Carter arming the mujahideen, the investment is giving returns in the form of future justifications for hate, anger, killing, and--most importantly--compounded interest.

Sure, white birthrates are dropping, and Caitlyn Jenner is a jerk, and homos are out there giving each other HIV and wanting everyone else to pay for it, but, far more importantly:

1) The fiscal and social disincentivization of parenthood and the family is the sole actual cause for the reduction in high-IQ birthrates, irrelevant of the mere symptoms of however much someone wants/doesn't-want to stuff twinks or munch carpet.

2) The celebritization of any random jerk of any predilection, sexual or otherwise, is a symptom of the same pathology that permitted virulent straight idiots to have been celebritized back even into the late 1800s, when the exact same newspaper and media bloodlines were celebritizing heterosexual idiots while vilifying the most ludicrously inane suggestions of non-heterosexuality. To use just one hilarious example, the straightest, strongest, manliest, most NFL-like tough-guy exercise in the latter half of the twentieth century was "the bench press," while prior to that, the bankers preferred that their wealthy cousins publish fitness articles in the magazines and newspapers they owned which made fun of men who exercised their pectorals as being effeminate for being concerned about the appearance of their chests.

3) Ever since the bankers got enough technology to bleed the countryside and create city-tumors, there have always been gross diseases among the condensing populations. The idea that disease comes without stigma, or that a thieves' cartel should collect heavy fees from a captive population of laborers for parceling out treatment, is not unique to the brief modern way the scam is working vis-à-vis pozzers.

It's all another scam; it's all the same scam, repeated for a new set of generations. Bite the apple if you will, NrX.

Where did patriarchy, in part, come from? Forgotten to most people is that some of the very first rabbi-led anti-homosexuality crusades were what built up the idea of modern chattel sexuality, e.g., the idea that men own and objectify women to satisfy their needs. How? Well, you remember the trial of Socrates, right? Corrupting the youth of the city? That might've been a philosophical corruption only, but it stands as an allegory. One of the primary justifications for western societies to establish formal sex trades (not individual free-enterprise prostitution, but cartels of legislators and pimps working in concert) was to protect men from being corrupted by other men. Bankers used their mass media outlets to warn people that young boys were being corrupted into homosexuality by perverts, and--like selling cars as a means of preventing manure pollution--argued that girls should be impressed into prostitution into whorehouses in order to protect a society's boys from sodomy.

The original pimp cartels, no surprise, were the creation of the vampire bankers. Again like arming the mujahideen, the idea they'd established, of treating women as property in order to enforce a straight society, paid big dividends when it was time to lead another expensive crusade, this time against that very patriarchy, come the 1900s. And now that the percentage approval rates for "feminism" are really shifting around, the neoreactionaries are ready to do their part again, enforcing new patriarchal mores that will send still more credit to the banker-creators, lords of the material world.

We've got two essential audiences here. There are the people who either don't give a crap about gay stuff, or the people who think gay stuff is great, and pride, and rights, and all that. And then there are the people who think that, to be blunt, poopdick marriage is a ridiculous farce. In closing, let's tailor a response to each group.

For people who think LGBTQPZ~ stuff is good, what you need to remember is that the people who have promoted the pro-gay agenda for the past 20, 30, whatever, years, are coming from the exact same ideological, genetic, cultural, corporate, national, and financial background as the people who conceived of, spearheaded, committed, graphed, and thoroughly approved of the very worst of the anti-LGBTQ stuff in the past. Get it? You are being played. During the early 1900s, the most powerful news and entertainment corporations in the entire world were united in excoriating homosexuality as a deviance worthy of shunning and death. The foundational laws of the bankers' entire culture are the most anti-homosexual polemics in existence, calling for the heartless, even divine, murder of homosexuals. You may think that these bankers have now changed their minds; that they have become sweet and pure-hearted after a mere five thousand years, and come around on the whole gay thing, but they have played that same trick several times before, and even now, they are providing intellectual leadership for the growing neoreactionary movement that wants to deport all Hispanics, re-enslave all Africans, and exterminate all fags. Yes, exterminate: there are NrX people who want to seize white homelands and make homosexuality and cross-dressing capital offenses, just like the Weimar occupation press advocated. We have seen this game before. Don't let a few Tom Hanks movies lull you into thinking that you are anything more than a means to an end. The dissident queers the Cheka executed in droves made that mistake already.

For people who think LGBTQPZ~ stuff is bad, what you need to remember is that the people who have promoted the pro-gay agenda for the past several decades are only pretending to be interested in border security, birth rates, and ethnic nationalism now, because they want you to slaughter queers instead of putting bankers in jail. All of the annoying wedding-cake stuff is indeed assholish, but there are plenty of completely straight white people out there holding "Refugees Welcome!" or "Black Lives Matter!" signs, and what the queers are doing is, similarly, a mere symptom. Ask yourself this: after decades of telling me what a worthless piece of cis-privileged shit I am, why are the bankers suddenly starting to tell me it's okay to punish people who get boob-jobs and want to be called "her"? They are setting you up. They are using you just as they are using the people on the other side. Yes, there are massive problems with illness and mental illness and despair and fucked-up-ness that exist out there, but the entire reason this is in your face as an issue is that the bankers want you to be like the physicians whom they license, and spend another century treating symptoms instead of curing illnesses. The anti-gay crusade they are launching now is just another version of the way they were pro-immigrant for a hundred years, tagged a poem on the Statue of Liberty, and then did a hypocritical switch-around and started formulating anti-immigration positions about a "cathedral" that you are supposed to "neoreact" against.

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