Monday, December 28, 2015

That Pesky Mystique

Presuming you know who planned out and created western feminism, and who planned out and created the gradual creep of hardcore porn on demand in the western world...presuming that you know who made there be Queer Studies departments analyzing the oppression of women alongside computers with instant access to natural blondes chain-performing ass-to-mouth kisses and cumswaps, and HD twink/daddy bareback humiliation films...

...and presuming you know who said this:
The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. really have no excuse for believing that the neoreactionaries, who supposedly resist multiculturalism, came from an ideological font of spontaneous purity. The haplogroups are lining up again; the useful idiots are certain that, this time, they're right.

The feminine mystique.

The NrX mystique.

Listen to Lenin and the Elders, who spoke before awareness of the internet cut off most of the insights we lowlies get.


  1. You need some Philip Rieff in your life

    I have a few ex-friend useful idiots, whom I still stalk on facebook out of purely anthropological interest: it allows me, in not so slow motion, to observe the disintegration not only of elementary thinking capacity, but also of personality as such...

    1. Ironically, the disintegration of personality due to Facebook is itself also discussed on Facebook. At least, so I hear in person.