Friday, January 29, 2016

By their fruits

I absolutely love the Huffington Post. No matter the format of modern news--newspaper, tablet, smartphone, iBrain--it has, as of yet, been simply impossible for bullshit peddlers to avoid wrapping their reeking propaganda in the most facile of recycled traveling-circus fare. Even ten centuries removed from whatever the "political issues" of the era are, you can always come back to this planet and situate yourself correctly by finding out who's talking about new and better ways to brew, buttfuck, intercede with the gods, increase your inner energy, or bask in the opinions of the rich and attractive.

Titillate me, oh great consumer lord, for my cup hath runneth over! Pierce my every orifice with top tens, normative coercion, the savvy on the newest youth culture, and bandwagon shaming galore. There has surely never been a better time to know how to think!

1 comment:

  1. "There has surely never been a better time to know how to drink!"

    Scotch and rye whiskey for me, neat. Sometimes tequila. Life is not so bad, really. Eh, nevermind