Thursday, January 7, 2016

Intelligence Will Not Save Us

Scientists can alter our alleles to make us more intelligent. Also, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush all have IQs significantly above average.

Moreover, Stephen Hawking is essentially a neoliberal propaganda artist. High IQs will not save us. In fact, high IQs seem to have caused a disproportionate amount of the harm the West is experiencing right now. High IQ individuals seem to be cripplingly prone to types of lethal decisionmaking that, in the absence of high-IQ-individual interference, do not affect individuals or groups with average IQs (take Merkel v. an average German laborer, for example).

Did 85 mean IQs cause Detroit? Maybe so, but what kind of unfathomable nightmare would be caused by elevating them all to Hillary Clinton's ~145? One of the goals of the elite's latest staged rebellion, the neoreactionary movement, could well to be to use low-IQ invaders, manipulated into violence by the usual suspects, to get first world nations to accept the "necessity" of gene manipulation to make everyone smarter. When you consider the ethnic cleansing in Sweden or LA, that righteous anger that some feel toward horny Somalis or Mexican illegals might make you think a general IQ raising would benefit everyone. After all, statistics.

Just think--with enough genomic intervention, we can all become like the Forsaken, cunning and soulless, a world full of smartly scheming Janet Yellens that is finally and perpetually at peace.

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