Monday, January 11, 2016

Junk Mail

You complain that the MVD is universal basic income for the extremely stupid, and that the Human Resources Department is universal basic income for the quite stupid, but what is Hospital Administration and the District Court except universal basic income for the merely stupid? And what, then, can the university be, if not universal basic income for the less stupid, or the revenue service if not universal basic income for the nearly intelligent? Spin your wheels, ye busy hamsters; spin your wheels. So long as the shelves are full, there's no need to sully your dignity by accepting unearned paychecks delivered with painful honesty. Continue processing your lofty paperwork, lest the gears of civilization reveal their horrifying ability to operate in your absence.

You complain that retirement income is a hand out, but not primarily to "the elderly," oh no. It is a handout to the banks, for the ability to leverage one's lifetime into monthly payments, without the ability to fully withdraw the theoretical principal, incentivizes the elderly to take out loans. The student loan scam leverages life and vitality themselves to guarantee endless banker income, while the pensioners' fixed payments leverage compassion toward the same end.


  1. why the gloating though? All of the above, and then some, will be ground into pulp once capitalism is dismantled, and the new, even more viscous structure, is erected. (Not guaranteed, but very likely).

    In the meantime, I just keep using my definitely unearned paycheck to plug some debt holes. Futile and irrational, because human.

    1. But...but according to HuffPo, one of the problems with the internet is that people can't tell when you're gloating!