Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Physical Domination of African Browns

The antilife world-destroyers have promulgated no small number of myths over the years. The one most popularly under attack now is that of the standardized mental template: the soul-crushing, matter-defying idea that individuals and groups do never and can never differ from one another, except in self-directed avenues of consumer choice. We address, of course, the topic of the capacity of any one or any group to be special; to have unique characteristics that cannot be duplicated by a conscienceless anyone with a surgeon or a sense of avarice. The horrors of an enforced lack of specialness are revealed with every gang rape in Sweden, even the one-per-twenty years that happened before the recent invasion. The destruction of special sexual and community identities has shredded, and will shred, many a vagina, but on the tail end of such a bankers' movement as feminism, it is difficult to appreciate the full extent of the irony. Instead, try to imagine the fallout planned for homosexuals after two or three generations, when the spirit of anal glasnost becomes equally inverted, and Imperial American prison culture combines with World Caliphate catamite culture to cause some new Semitic horror: anal circumcisions, perhaps, where the U.N. requires a certified rabbi or imam present at every birth, to surgically extract the prostrate from male newborns, then sew the hole up tighter for increased marriage pleasure later. It's unthinkable, yes, but only as unthinkable as hordes of Zulus rampaging through the frozen north, filming themselves raping Vikings' daughters on free smartphones.

This particular myth may come to its end, yet another aspect of Alberich's poisonous mythology has slipped by many who have, against very nearly all major odds, proclaimed the right for people to still be special: the physical superiority of Negroid racial groups. The generally-darkest-skinned of the brown-skinned peoples may be called "blacks," if you prefer to give further credence to the roaming slave-traders' inartistic slurs. Like the Rovian "gays," which marginalizes both homosexual individuals' characters and an otherwise pleasant adjective, "blacks" is the marketing language of bankers, for it denigrates not only the amazing beauty and potential of starless black space, but also the brown, earthy, naturalistic expressions of Negroid skin hues.

Such verbal battles will not be won today. It is the non-mental counterpart of the bankers' lies to which we now turn ourselves: specifically, the hypocritical argument that, although there are no group differences, whatsoever, of any kind, at all, definitely, between humans, African browns are physically superior. Pursuant to Twitter regulations, the IOC is ripe for ten thousand discrimination lawsuits, a re-running of every hundred-meter dash since inception, and decades of affirmative-action starting points for the Chinese--who should rightfully begin only seventy-eight meters from the finish--as well as a $150 million Hollywood production of Berlin: 1936 starring Matthias Schewighöfer as Jesse Owens--but that's yet another glass ceiling whose shattering will have to wait its turn. Suffice it to say for now that most people desirous of embracing a return to the human potential for being special and different, whether in groups or alone, suffer under the Talmudic argument that "black" people are the best at sports. Consider Grubber Chechenova's recent essay extolling black male superiority:
Long long ago, Greeks could believe a Greek guy is the strongest in the world. A Briton could believe the fastest guy is one of their own. They conflated their little world as THE WORLD. But in our globalized world, it is no longer the case. The best and toughest warriors in sports and street thuggery are blacks. And black men, on average, have bigger penises. And with the rise of slut culture, section 8 integration, pornification of pop music and TV shows, and internet porn(available even to impressionable young white girls), white women are noticing that black men are toughest guys. And at sporting events, white guys cheer like sissy girls for their favorite black athletes and beg for signatures.. And the black guys bang 1000s of blonde women. In bars and clubs all over the country, white guys may take white girls out for the night, but what do white girls see on the TV screen? Black warrior domination in sports.
From whence this groundswelling of respect? No less than the very people who simultaneously promulgated the mental equality of the sexes and the species, e.g., the banking and media corporations and their political marionettes. The impression that Negroid peoples are sexually dominant is a longstanding trope of the pornography industry, while the more important "physically dominant" trope is caused by a combination of related entertainment factors:

1) The condensation of physical contests, and mass audiences' impressions of physical superiority, into closely refereed, timed rituals full of incredibly inane and complicated rules designed to reward certain physical traits and punish others;

2) The endless creep of sanitization in physical contests of all kinds;

3) The increasing prevalence of doctoring, specialization, and by-the-minute coaching.

The physical dominance of African peoples was, of course, never of much notice until well into the twentieth century. Thousands of years ago, mixed Mongoloid tribes easily crushed and enslaved Negroids, as the mixed populations were themselves driven back and enslaved by Caucasoids in North Africa and the Middle East. Certainly many feats of individual physical superiority would have occurred, but even before the blunt technological advances of the Iron Age, superior group tactics, coupled with abstract dynamism in changing environments, left Mongoloids dominant over Negroids, and Caucasoids dominant over Mongoloids and mixes. In a relatively low-technology, highly-physical sport, consider the 2015 world champion rugby team from Georgia: predominantly Caucasoid and mixed Caucasoid.

If you follow professional rugby and professional football (and I hope that you don't), you have a good idea of the hurt locker that the American all-star NFL linebackers would be in if they faced even a middling professional rugby team, without pads and helmets and onsite coaching, even after a thorough lesson in the game's rules. The rise of padding and equipment is what has assisted "blacks" ("Negroids" really is a much more polite term, both to the humans and the actual color black) in becoming dominant in the fake sports fostered by the American Empire during the twentieth century. The layers upon layers of expensive, scientifically developed padding that football players use; the increasingly large and clownish "boxing gloves" and customized mouthpieces; the advanced artificial skin and chemical arrays that keep small cuts from widening, ready in the hands of expert trauma doctors at ringside or fieldside: without these things, Negroids could not, apparently, make a showing.

The descent of professional sports from a series of rules being followed by players on a field, to a stop-motioned TV advertisement choreographed by billionaire real estate developers, was profound. It is little remembered these days, but western "sports" changed not just to accommodate commercials. As discussed in Sanitized, nearly every sport, from the most mundane (baseball? golf?) to the most confrontational (boxing? MMA?) has received the same top-down, deadening, corrupting, artificially-leveling treatment that the international bankers gave to schools and universities during the same period.

Negroids do have different muscle structure, and certainly do physically excel in many, many areas relative to Caucasoids and Mongoloids, but those wonderful talents and beautiful expressions of physiological excellence bear only tangential relation to the farce of modern professional sports. Blacks dominate jostling and tackling--while covered with body gear and helmets that forgive decisions that would otherwise very quickly mangle and twist them. The average linebacker is, of course, a really big guy who could destroy you, but removed from his pads and paired against a comparable really big guy who knew how to hit sustainably, without incurring concussions and neck torsion and dislocated shoulders, the Negroid physical advantages might well be balanced out (at least) by other peoples' comparable advantages in dynamic abstract planning. If you're wearing several layers of pads, you can just ram into someone, in a way that you can't without the padding. The absence of padding forces hesitation in tackling, redirection of force, adjustment of the attacking body, careful targeting at the target body, etc. NFL players train extensively in these things, but with the padding added in, countless potential angles of approach are negated, and with helmets (and their visors) layered on top, many potential moves are excluded from consideration. Countless Greco-Roman takedowns are excluded from the field because of their potential to cause increased injury due to the interference of the helmet and facemask, placing one of the prime grappling areas out of bounds. Like standardized tests, NFL collisions have been "dumbed down" to the level of heavy people bashing into one another. Without those pads, today's average linebacker would spend his three-year career mostly in the hospital, before being retired at 24 with the neurological damage that padding now postpones until his fifties.

The same dumbing-down effect occurs in boxing. Without padded gloves, hitting someone in the head was a serious task, because you could easily break your hand. Boxers had to aim carefully for certain parts of the face, or employ certain varieties of body blows and different hand techniques, in order to succeed. Today's cartoonish boxing gloves have eliminated that requirement, making offensive western boxing more about a series of aggressive flails in the general direction of an opponent, than a collection of incisive strikes. As with tackling, professional boxers train extensively in how to hit and where to hit, but the smoothing effect of the gloves makes the angles many times less complicated (and interesting) than would the same challenges performed with the naked hand.

Disney boxing gloves slow down fights, too, their weight preventing the rapid, but less powerful, strikes that characterize many Mongoloid martial arts. Indeed, western boxing (developed, of course, by roving entertainment promoters--you be the historical critic) is itself a corruption of Mongoloid trends. Mongoloid arts were an intense science of hand positions and sequence targeting, but cowardly Caucasoids let themselves be dumbed-down into "above the waists" fisticuffs, leaving them unable, centuries later, to deal with Muay Thai. No elbows, no knees, no throws--bleah. Just a bunch of fists wrapped in Playskool wet-noodles bapping at each other's upper areas. And those western gloves completely ruin blocking, too. Big, fat gloves allow for clumsy, exhausted blocking. Just putting "up your dukes" creates a front block with a wide area, preventing the expert "sneaking by" of blocks that can happen when it's a matter of half-centimeters and skin friction, instead of several inches and cushioned leather or vinyl.

These trends extrapolate across other sports. The metallurgy of golf clubs; the science of baseball bats; the endless miasma of which weights and chemicals and surgeries are allowed, and which aren't. And what about the field? The planar astroturf or immaculate fields upon which players walk, run, or play, now, have none of the flexibility or challenge of a Highlands hill or the old ball field. Sprinting for a touchdown on scientifically designed turf is one thing; sprinting for a touchdown while keeping track of variations in sod, grass, water, etc., is another thing entirely. It would be interesting to see Negroid fast-twitch superiority placed into terrain-based competitions with Caucasoid dynamism and Mongoloid surveying capabilities. The correspondences there between sheltered cradle-sport expectations, and the shifting dynamism of real combat, should be obvious.

But that kind of competition--the kind that celebrates our diversities, and uses them to test and marvel at one another as bands of brothers (or cousins, if you prefer) striving against each other to better us all, with a decent acknowledgement of our own strengths and weaknesses--is not something the bankers want to allow us. Whether in an IQ test or a staged group battle, the field is left deliberately un-slanted to create rifts between us. In one century, Negroids score X-15 in IQ tests, so the bankers enslave them; in another century, Negroids score X-15 in IQ tests, so the bankers provide them a guaranteed minimum income.

Coaching and time-outs figure into this, too. How would an all Negroid team of athletes do at basketball if it had to coach itself for a year, train itself for a year, then play games with no time-outs? White men can't jump (and presumably, "yellow men" can't either), but could a team of incredibly clever Koreans devise an extended strategy that would at least make the game interesting? How would the Negroids do if they didn't have an offensive trainer, a defensive trainer, a white point guard, and half a dozen time-outs to re-evaluate strategies once they'd gotten the feel of the other team? How would the Mongoloids do if they were forced to confront a much taller, stronger Negroid team--would they be able to come up with a delaying strategy, exploit anti-charging rules, and use cluster-blocking swarms to get runs of easy layups? It would be really cool to find out, but we can't. The multikulti of the NBA requires such group overinvestment in the nanoseconds of each game that we have no idea what an individual, or a group, would do on his/her/its own. The all-Korean team might do a lot better at tracking the player histories of the all-White team, the all-Black team might do a lot better at dunking, and the all-White team might come up with something wackier in the last 24 seconds.

(Those kinds of differences are what the bankers want to destroy. Strong Earth has them all; weak Earth has an incoherent blend. When the alien invaders come, the font of pure Negroid innocence will inspire pure Caucasoid manifestations that will produce efficient Mongoloid applications. The mission of the Jenomic shock troopers is to ensure this does not happen.)

The Crucible

In closing, if any of this "sports" or "toughness" thing matters, we should be able to observe it in the real world. And--aside from thousands of years of Caucasoid and mixed-Caucasoid military dominance--we have just such an example. Brazil is the crucible of sports, and more particularly, the crucible for "manly physical sports," e.g., vale tudo ("anything goes," best likened in America to mixed martial arts, such as what the UFC used to be). In Brazil, we have a blend of Mongoloids, Caucasoids, and Negroids, and they compete rather fiercely in a variety of fighting sports, man to man. And what do we see? In America's dumbass ritual sports, full of timeouts and equipment, Negroids and Caucasoids alternately predominate. White guys throw baseballs and footballs, black guys catch them and run around with them. In Brazil, the mestizos win: the magic combination seems to be a strong proportion of once-Portuguese with a blend of black slave and angry Inca.

Don't worry, though--the bankers are planning on ruining that, too. MMA fights are starting to get sanitized. Out are the metal cages; in come the "boxing rings" that prevent charges, wall-crushing, and other really interesting (and real-world-like) techniques. Fighters are being prevented from fighting bare-fisted, forced to put on idiotic padding apparatus that will make striking less skillful and more mishmash. Coaches and doctors are being kept close at hand to patch fighters together, preventing them from being as concerned about shielding small cuts, and allowing a verbally-skilled coach to assist a less-mental fighter in winning matches. They're cutting down on when kicks and punches can occur (limited areas of the leg, no kicking downed opponent, etc.), and doing all they can to destroy "anything goes." And when that happens, years and years from now, you'll see the usual suspects begin to be more represented at the upper echelons. Decades ago, it was nothing but mestizos beating Caucasoids; that will change as the padding and the coaching increases.

Central and South Americans who come to the United States to fight and train like to pretend to be "people of color," and claim Mayan or Aztec etc. blood, but the best fighters tend to have predominantly Caucasoid genes, with a little mix of Mongoloid ("Indians") and Negroid ("blacks"). Decades of vale tudo fights in Brazil have shown the mestizos winning. They have the funds and the commitment to pay for years of training, the parental involvement to get started early, the dynamic bodily strength to hit hard and last, and the dynamic mental strength to learn advanced techniques, then adjust those techniques on-the-fly without being told how by a coach. It's little surprise, really, that a certain balance of racial admixture should produce the best sport competitors. Sport is only "sport," of course, and the genetic history of innovation in the field of power--military technology--speaks unassailable volumes about superiority in that regard, but then, the manliness of paleolithic physical triumph that females are supposedly looking for is best exemplified in the mestizo.


  1. Nice, but these motherfuckers are centuries ahead of you. They realized early on that the main obstacle to turning history into a project is the existence of organic cultural entities and communities. Once you destroy those to create a mass of individuals, then you are clear - you can direct this mass any way you pleas, by influencing the particles/individuals directly, with no pesky interdicts to get in your way.

    PS You still need Philip Rieff in your life.

  2. I can't decide. Definitely the bowler hat. Also the facial expression demonstrating the capacity (though not the inclination) to spank misbehaving college girls.

    I like him simply because he is the first one I've seen to make the seemingly simple observation that culture with no interdicts is no culture by definition, and that the "price of power justified is the complete submission of the powerful to an authority that is not in their service", and also to elaborate why the good must begin with self-deprivation, etc..

    A strange fellow. Part stoic, part simple grumpy old jew, part humanist. Sociologist writing like a prophet, without drawing ridicule. He is also the reason why Pascal no longer seems crazy to me.

    I have only read "Charisma" & "Fellow teachers". It looks like his major work is "The triumph of the therapeutic".

  3. Tricycle Ickes, M.D., F.A.C.S.January 7, 2016 at 7:02 AM

    Did you write this from Foxcatcher Farm and are you John duPont's ghost?

    1. Tricycle Ickes, M.D., F.A.C.S.January 7, 2016 at 7:11 AM

      I thought this was your poker tell

      From whence

      rumors everywhere about your habit of wearing belt and suspenders simultaneously.

    2. I still can't stand those horses.