Saturday, January 30, 2016

Qualified Reservations

Criticizing godless Protestantism is exactly what you'd expect them to do once God is dead. It was never the supernatural concepts that they hated; it was the ideas themselves. Ideas of humanity, pricelessness, inherent value, decency, kindness, consideration--these are the things they set out to destroy, and disregarding the supernatural side of it by mocking the Gospels was only one stage in the battle. Blaming "universalist protestantism," even acknowledgedly godless universalist puritanical protestantism, is nothing but another war on Yule, excuse me, Christmas, excuse me, Holiday, excuse me, Rest Period 27-B.

Stop it. Stop calling Freudbug your "starting off point." Stop heralding him as insightful. The stuff he put together isn't brilliant or original, it's merely a hundred years of anti-communist resistance, a thousand years of community mores, organized by an uncreative propagandist into snappy postmodern language and used as a trick to redirect people away from hunting vampires, and towards hunting humans while vampires clap with glee. Yusuf ibn Tashfin was able to retake Valencia because those nasty Jenomic mental plagues, and their carefully guided, ethnically honed "reformations," split different kinds of human cattle against one another. Yes, the rapefugees are Uruk-hai, but you don't get Uruk-hai without fallen Maiar cross-breeding bestial orcs with skittering goblins, and even then, Uruk-hai aren't anything close to a threat without the foul whispers and false counsel of Maiar infiltrators placed thousands of years ago. Left to their own devices, uruks would range around the southern wastes doing no harm to anybody but themselves, and making the natural world more rich and ecologically sound in the process. Worms and weevils well and should bother you when they're in your sandwich or your silo, but not when they're helping break down soil into rich farming ground. Ranting about the weevils themselves when someone dumps a bucket of them into your grain is sheer idiocy. The weevils are happy, but they'd be equally happy decomposing other stuff. Shitting in the Ganges wasn't a major problem until the (((Dutch East India Company))) used capital generated by the fruits of Celt slave labor to move factories, breeding programs, manufactured goods, and noxious chemicals into old Arya.

So when Saruman Fucking Freudbug tells you to be a good little Wormtongue and punish those treacherous unfeminine women who completely deserve it, you're not a reactionary, you're just a tool, as broken as a bra-burning baby boomer. How long are you going to run around throwing bucketfuls of water out of your sinking rowboat while Oppenheimer giggles over his drill? Be a bit better than Charles Alexander...for Christ's sake, you've had over two hundred years to pay attention, and you're still getting riled up against snackbars, like they're the real problem? Have some brains; have some dignity; stop wasting your energy complaining about the muds, who, absent your pitiable susceptibility, would have long ago ground the vampires into the dust.

Seriously, Europe is the problem here. All the math, all the machines, all the distribution networks, all the bulletproof vests and M-16s and jet fighters and nukes that let the vampires keep feeding off everyone--it all came from, and was handed out by, Europe. (Fucking Martians-in-exile, really. ;)) If you'd stop interfering with the immune system around here, your kebabs would kebab the vampires, and everything would be naturalistic, nationalistic, fatherlandic peace. It is the White people who are ruining it all by developing and fostering the poxes that trash everything in this joint.


  1. I think you are a bit off here. Elites to not always get away cleanly. Case in point: antiquity. They did get swept away by the tribes, for the most part. They were so clueless (e.g. Sidonius Apollinaris), not only they did not guide the transition, they did not see it coming.

    The feudals were smarter. They indeed succesfully engineered and presided over the transition to capitalism.

    Now that capitalism is over as well, they are surely trying to design the next system (perhaps the non-profit neo-feudal hell that's been in the making).

    However, there is no guarantee that they will succeed. There are too many pissed off Third Worlders. They might, in fact, be able to overwhelm the cute little enclaves we are still inhabiting. It's gonna be a setback for civilization to be sure, but at least they might have an idea about what is worth living for or something (aside from hot chicks).

    1. There's an element of hope in the pissed-off Third Worlders, to be certain. Yet the vampires have gambled that they can control the intensity and targeting of that anger--witness ISIS' failure to target (((Saudi Arabia))) or (((Israel))). Or, conversely, the failure of African invaders to find refuge in either of those nations.

      The Throne of David will likely be able to continue to control those hordes. Without certain conceptions of individuality and decency, open brutality and sectionalism could well control an entire world full of soccer-watching livestock.

  2. The Drone of David sure will.