Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Countervailing Effect of Doubleplus Racism

Try this test out a few times on your average American. You'll probably think you know what it's about, but changing a few variables here and there makes it entirely different. Obviously, the second set of variables lands you in jail--but the first set, even using the exact same diction, references, sources, and historical allegories, can get accepted. Consider:
Isn't it disgusting how racist people are toward Group? Even today, there are still some people who harbor an illogical hatred toward Group people and Group culture. I mean, you know how racist things were a hundred years ago. It's amazing how people can still be so racist today. So convinced that it's acceptable to judge different groups by different standards. Not affirmative action, you know, I'm not bringing that up. But even bigger stuff.

Take the Atrocity, for example. It was a terrible thing, right? But you know, what's weird about the Atrocity is, no one in Place at the time recorded it. Even the victims themselves did not record it. Contemporary newspaper accounts, radio programs, resistance records, from the victims, from bystanders, from Group Country's command structure, simply never appeared. Even now, decades and decades later, there's all sorts of retroactive "evidence," which gets pushed by the untrustworthy propaganda organs of the insane militarists of Modern Empire, while of course they're engaged in their own hypocritical repressions at the same time.

There wasn't any evidence, or even any idea of the Atrocity as a realistic thing, until years after it was supposed to have happened. And then, it didn't spring up until Wacko showed up, took military control of Group Country, and began exploiting it into a hedge issue in the Cold War. I mean, seriously. When you look at population figures before and after Atrocity; when you consider the horrific use of weapons on all sides; when you consider the propaganda departments of Wacko, and its apartheid military state filled with assassins and patriotically insane "free press," it's clear the Atrocity was nothing more than more propaganda.

Taking the Atrocity seriously is hateful and insulting toward Group and ourselves, don't you think? It's only tolerated because of racism toward Group. It makes me sick, considering how many millions of them were unnecessarily killed. So many surrender offers were discarded out of hand by Wacko and his Wacko, as racism carried the day, killing untold numbers of people that would've never had to die if things couldn't have been resolved more peacefully. Group sent emissary after emissary, requesting peace, agreeing to cede territory, so many times, and because of racism and greed, we simply wouldn't listen.
The second set of variables is obvious. Here are both of them, side by side.

* For the variables Group and Group Country substitute either "Japanese" or "German," "Japan" or "Germany," respectively.

* For the variable Atrocity, substitute either "Rape of Nanking" or "Holocaust."

* For the variable Place, substitute either "China" or "Europe."

* For the variable Modern Empire, substitute either "USA" or "USSR."

* For the variable Wacko, substitute either "Truman" or "Stalin."

What's interesting about the exercise is that the first set of options creates a plausible, inoffensive conversation with many average people. The sensors (and censors) in their heads simply don't go off: such is the power of cultural conditioning, that the filthiest and worst enemies of WW2 (the suicide-bombing slanty-eyed yellow Nips) have been transmogrified, over the past several decades, into subjects of permissible discourse and pity. The second-worst enemies of WW2, the krauts, are still in no-think land. Politically-correct, anti-racist culture, though, has ironically created conditions whereby it has become acceptable to question several of the pieces of murderous propaganda that paved the way for atomic bombings, concentration camps, an 80+ year military occupation chock full of raped Okinawan eleven-year-olds and still-horny undisciplined soldiers, and a series of proxy wars across Asia that killed, at the least, 60 million Chinese (even if you take Kissinger's later butchery out of the equation). And in all of those works, mountains of firsthand evidence remained.

From whence this power to question the Emperor's clothes? Anti-racism itself! Thank God that Japan was not a Caucasian nation, or you wouldn't be able to discuss the moral problems of incinerating a surrendering city. Yet, because Japan is almost all Mongoloid, it is acceptable to admit very many of the Pacific Theatre's lies. Even in the polite company of hesitant-yet-willing drone-supporters that one finds in America, it is acceptable to portray the Rape of Nanking as a racist fabrication. The shield of racial guilt which made it acceptable to criticize all things Caucasoid had the unintended side effect of allowing later historians to discover flaws in the imperial narrative. The American concentration camp rationale has long since crumbled, and it grows increasingly acceptable to consider the (im)plausibility of atomic necessity. The 80+ year rape-invasion of Japan is an encouraged topic for critique even in American universities. Objective takes on the Pearl Harbor lure are still frowned upon--why, though, after so many other pieces of reeking bullshit have been dragged out in the open through the airing of abundant sources and scholarship that were widely known in 1945? Possibly because admitting that FDR was not only a genocidal horror, but a knowingly traitorous genocidal horror, would cause too many of the deceptions in the European Theatre to fall along with it. (This may be part of why racism is now being permitted to become popular again: because viewing the Japanese as crazy kamikaze bombers, and unifying with Israel against the rapefugee hordes, will preserve the most essential narratives of the next century.)

The Rape of Nanking, like the necessity of consuming Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresden, or like the Zyklon B that came out of shower heads in wooden-walled rooms with no venting, is among the more ridiculous propaganda created by the joint offices of Kremlin and Pentagon, Pravda and New York Times. If you're not up on the Nanking thing, it's quite interesting to watch a much more reasonable progression of perspectives become increasingly acceptable topics of discourse among people otherwise wedded to the sacred World War tale. A dearth of contemporary Chinese sources in Nanking made propagandizing somewhat difficult after the war had ended: it turned out that, like the gas chambers that Stalin's secret police constructed in Poland and East Germany after invading that territory, nothing in the record at the time revealed anything remotely like a Rape of Nanking/Final Solution. Even propagandizing Chinese fighters, broadcasting via radio and seeking assistance from the Allied Powers, did not mention the supposed mass rapes and killings that would later fill the profitable textbooks of publicly-mandated schools worldwide.

During the twentieth century, it became less and less acceptable to treat the Japanese as subhuman monsters; less and less acceptable to believe things based on revival-meeting-style professions alone...but only as regards the Japanese. To discuss the Cheka ethnically is as taboo as to not discuss the Reich so. What a contradictory lark, though, that the Nanking tale lie has been allowed to begin failing due to the very anti-objective notions that later made questioning it mandatory! Fear not that the vampires will win a permanent victory, for the contradiction of their own existence ensures that they and their slaves shall pass, and that life, free and true, shall grow again, even should it take a million years to rise anew after the omnisexual silicate sterility of the scorched ruins of Jenome's latest ashen ruin. Let them knock the blocks over again even that next time, and the time after, for, free from the forsaken loathers of the roaming nightmare, we will be traveling the starfields a thousand years out of the jungle, still well ahead of a little red giant in one of many cradles. I laugh because you have already won.

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