Saturday, January 9, 2016

The New Misogyny

"White knighting" is a term of art inserted into culture by Forsaken operatives. The corporate media is always on hand to take pictures of photogenic refugee-welcomers. Why?

Is it because the media is accurately and impartially reporting public sentiment on matters of global and national importance? If you believe that, click here, then here.

Is it because the media wants to cause people to welcome refugees? Strike two: particularly in the 2016 West, pictures of college students and other pampered youngish white people uniting in support of anything are more likely to make people dislike whatever the agitprops are agitating for, or at the very least, to be skeptical about it.

If you understand what this place's corporate media is designed to do, then you can figure out why they keep disseminating those pro-refugee pictures. Assume you're sufficiently experienced/intelligent to have figured out any of the recent stuff the news companies have fabricated to manipulate people. It can be any of them: fiat currency; the war to end all wars; we gave Uncle Joe all that uranium, money, and weapons, because he is just like us, interested in freedom and justice; we want to liberate Iraq's women and bring stability to the region; wooden shower rooms without ventilation can accomplish anything; we're going to stop torturing; we're fighting against the crack-cocaine epidemic in African American communities...any of those. Then, think about the implications of those conclusions: if any one of those things is true, then decades of coordinated messaging is evidence of deliberate mistruth. Stupidity is not an option; the unity of voice and ownership is too great for that.

The people who did and are doing those things are crafty. They are not merely targeting the sad fools who believe in audacious fantasies like welfare Afros self-generating the billions of dollars and the coca leaves, or Uncle Joe's museum-quality shower exhibits. They're also targeting people just a tad smarter. And what they want you to believe, with those refugees photos, is that European women "deserve it," because they were asking for it.

Which is utter nonsense. It is the organs of mediacraft--the television, the newspaper, the game-show polling system, the school- and university-acclimated populace--that have lured people into believing that there is some kind of majority out there that wants mass immigration. That evidence was trumpeted around the world in order to channel some of the entirely-predictable white nationalist blowback down the avenue of "They deserved it." Ergo, when hordes of Afros fuck their misguided revenge into German pussies (as clumsy, wrongfully-aimed punishment for the latter's media-led acquiescence in the last generation's Arab/African genocide), it is partly rationalized by a media-prepped male populace that, "The stupid sluts wanted it, because feminism proves how little they understand the realities of the world. And also, their soy-eating faggot men didn't protect them for the same reason, so they all deserve it."

Untrue. It's about as true as Woodrow Wilson's promise to keep U.S. boys from dying in any European wars--and as much a known lie as it was then. America's 1920s and 1960s immigration laws were passed over massive democratic objection, using the media and traitor politicians to create an illusion of popular support. For right or wrong, only tiny minorities of bankers and their lackeys have ever wanted the influx. So too in Europe. The photos, memes, and articles are staged to make you believe the same old thing--that actions which governments banks take are a reflection of public opinion. There are a lot of happy-go-lucky dummies out there who claim to support and oppose various things, but their anecdotal, TV-created opinions are as ephemeral as their desire to lose weight. They don't actually want ten Somalis sharing their bathroom. The invasions, the mass rapes, are happening to people who did not want them to happen; to people who did not want their country invaded, who did not want to spend tax dollars on refugee shelters, and who did not want to attack or invade the refugees' countries in the first place. They are being kept from resisting in full by the lie that the things which happened to them happened because of the approval of a significant percentage of their own people.

The rootless bankers have carefully cultivated this fiction over many years. As feminism evolved past its point of usefulness, society was (and is now being) guided into a backlash against the inane dumbassery of the few remaining feminist talking points circulated by the media. The West now hosts quite a sizable crop of pyramid-marketing bottom-feeders, men pushing their alphabetical pickup schemes, some of whom have evolved beyond mere $49.99 books on tape and become, in their old age, respectable web journalists and booksellers. These pitiful, greedy shabbos goys sell their apt macho criticisms of feminist hypocrisy much as Blade's enemy Familiars (wussy humans who suck-up to vampires in futile attempts to be on the winning side) serve as wannabe vampires, destroying their own souls, bodies, and kin in the process.

Among the messages these Familiars are meant to disseminate is the idea of the "white knight," or a guy who looks after women without getting sex from them. Here we see the great tumor expand: men should react to the twentieth century's cultural destruction by accelerating it. The phrase's disparaging color coding is literal, specifying exactly what kind of women we should not care about. Lo and behold, mass rape in Europe and America, where a couple decades of cultural management has accustomed a lot of men to be too weak and forgiving of women violating their trust, while accomplishing something even more effective on many other men: to make them devalue their own genetic futures such that they're willing to condone rape as deserved. After all, sexbots don't talk back.

Meet the new misandry, same as the old misandry--meet the new misogyny, same as the old misogyny. "Feminism" and "Red-Pill Game" sprang from the same source, were set loose with the same purpose, and ensnared equivalently intelligent people on either side. Like the Torah's old mandates of homosexual murder that preceded the Reform mandates of homosexual wedding cakes, each extreme is a push on either side of the foundation, rocking back and forth until enough force is built up to knock the whole thing over. Useful Familiars on either side will be ever-vindicated by the wrongs from the Familiars who pushed it the last time, and as the cultural power of one fades into the other, the callous retaliation will feel correct and justified, even as it destroys you through your other half.

Remember how they began consensual sterilization of half the non-Forsaken populace in the twentieth century? Well, to the delight of pyramid-marketing shabbos goy "Players" everywhere, they're bringing it to men in the 21st. What will the results be? Extrapolate from the destruction of non-Forsaken men, women, and children that followed hormone-drugging most women in the western world, and it leads you right to Caitlyn Jenner. You might think Caitlyn Jenner is not the most attractive persona the world has to offer--wait'll you see what the next century has in store for this place, though, after Alpha internet webcasters join the other half of humanity and start turning off their seed-switches.

Kinda ironic...the Red Pill doofuses are complaining about how zoophilia and pedophilia and incest will surely be next, after how those damn dirty feminists legitimized VD sluttiness and poz buggery in the 20th century...but the further scientificization of sex and reproduction that "men's birth control" and "child support reform" introduces will be the very next integral step in de-stigmatizing sibling-marriage or child-rape as mere sport. That is how boundaries of the previously-unacceptable get crossed. When it comes to the Forsaken Elders, all the internet's "player" idiots are just the next century's vigorous suffragettes. So motivated! So liberated! So damn useful!


  1. A-yep. Women are often simply the commodities exploited in people's culture wars, just bits of collateral damage, protected and defended when it suits them, tossed to the wolves when it doesn't. It's not really pedophilia or rape that offends either the red pillians or the fems, it's the idea that it isn't our tribe gaining access all the women and children.

    1. And I know I don't have to tell you this, but for the benefit of passers-by, we should acknowledge/remind the counterpoint, e.g., the social thumbscrews being turned on men during the 20th/21st.