Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Some dude said:
It all comes down to the business model. Any man with the necessary talent can write a book of any length he wants, and certainly of any content. There is no limit to what literature can portray... other than his paper and ink, which are cheap enough to procure...Creating a work in a visual medium is considerably more expensive.
Yes, but once you've written that book, how much does it cost to do the following:

1) Buy original illustration copyrights and titling for the cover layout;

2) Buy reviews set to run in high-traffic websites, newspapers, and magazines disseminated across the geographical areas where your book's language is used, then gain permission to pre-quote selected pieces of those reviews on the dust jacket;

3) Print a million copies;

4) Ensure front-page placement for Amazon.com, front kiosk placement in the dwindling number of physical bookstores, "reading center" placement in department stores, and, most importantly, the pre-planned purchase of hundreds of thousands of copies by a nationwide network of taxpayer funded public and public school libraries...


The only remaining media for individual distribution is (minimalist blurbs on blogs or) illustration, where good drawing still has a chance to penetrate the tiny attention span of the average Outer Party member who can afford to buy a print. Even that level of independence is dying out, as factory-farmed illustrators and 3D modeling programs (which allow you to use templates to arrange, then produce, a large, complicated piece of visual "artwork") will eventually be able to fill the marketplace with so much fodder that--like books, movies, TV, games, pictures, etc.--the average prole/OP-member will no longer be able to find her way to the rare Jane Spectacular, nor have the processing power to tell the difference when and if~


  1. But how do I know if it's good? Without armies of supporters of product doing their PR best to prime the purchasing pump, who or what will I turn to for advice on what is preferable for a person of my social standing to appreciate?

    1. If we could just get people to be more selfish already. Shut off the flow of tax dollars and the PR people would have to get real jobs. Misdirected empathy has proven such a useful weapon.